Leasing office space in Irving is a big decision.  Do you have the knowledge and information to make that decision?  That’s what we do at RDS Real Estate. We provide our knowledge and information about Irving and Tarrant County, and then we find the absolute perfect office space to rent for your situation.

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Did you know that the type of office space will affect your success in business?

It’s true.  Do you know which office space for lease is best for you? Should you be in a stand-alone building? Should you be in an office building which houses numerous offices? Should you be in a strip mall?  Should you be in downtown Irving above an existing shop?  Certain types of offices are successful for certain types of businesses.  Did you know that?  What type of office should an insurance company have? What type of office should a title company have? Is leasing office space in Irving your only choice, or would you consider leasing office space Arlington or leasing office space Fort Worth if what you want, and what you need, does not exist in Irving?

Do you know what economic growth is happening in Tarrant County?

This is something you should know.  How much growth is Irving showing? How is it trending in Tarrant County? How does it rank in growth statistics?  Do you even know what is the fastest growing economic area in Tarrant County?  We can tell you it is not Irving. We can tell you it is not Arlington nor is it Mansfield.  The fastest growing commercial, industrial, and residential area in Tarrant County is the Alliance Area of North Fort Worth.  Is that a place you would consider in leasing office space?

Say hello to the Fort Worth Design District

The Fort Worth Design District is a new pocket business neighborhood in the Alliance Area.  In that District you will find Box Office Warehouse Suites, with office space for lease for as low as $875 per month, Paddock Place Office Suites, where coworking space is available, and the Golden Triangle Business Park, where numerous great opportunities await.

All are in the Alliance Area, the fastest growing commercial area in all of Tarrant County.

Listen, the point of this article is not to scare you away from Irving. We have office space to rent in Irving. We will be happy to show it to you.  We simply feel that it is our responsibility to show you all the options so you can make an informed decision.  If those options lead you to leasing office space Mansfield, or leasing office space Haltom City, so be it.  We want you in the best position for success.

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