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You may think that leasing office space, in a city like Fort Worth, is expensive. Quite frankly, if you were to make a few phone calls, that is the only conclusion you could logically come to.  However, we have an existing commercial property to consider, and an alternative solution to consider, in this article.

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The cost of leasing office space in 2024.

A thousand-square-foot office space costing $4000 per month? Is that even possible in Fort Worth? It is not only possible, but it exists. In certain highly-desirable areas of Fort Worth, where available office space is at a premium, you can most definitely expect those prices.  And we’ll tell you a secret: it’s only going to get worse.  Fort Worth is growing rapidly, there is a high demand for commercial space like an office space to rent, and high demand will always lead to higher prices.  It’s been that way since Adam Smith laid his economic theories on the world, and it will continue to be true as we move towards 2030 and beyond.

No chance for a small business.

$4000 per month is impossible for small businesses, and small businesses are rapidly making up a majority of the businesses in the Fort Worth Metro area.  There is a very real need now, and in the immediate future, for affordable office space for lease and, before you think this is a dire situation, read the solutions we mention below.

The alternatives.

Head south from Fort Worth into Johnson County and, in particular, the Alvarado area. There you will find 917 Industrial Park, new in 2024 with new (read low) property prices.  And before you say that’s too far from the major Fort Worth Market for leasing office space, check that thinking.  Via I-35W, Alvarado is only, at most, a thirty-minute drive. Quite frankly, it takes longer than thirty minutes to drive the width of Fort Worth city limits.

Another option, Box Office Warehouse Suites, in the Alliance Area, in the Fort Worth Design District, properties of 320-square-feet, at the lowest rental cost you will find in Tarrant County.

Another option, shared office space, like that found in Paddock Place Office Suites, again in the Fort Worth Design District.  Why pay for an office full-time when you only need it a couple weeks per month, or one week per month? At Paddock Place, you rent when you need it, at a very affordable price, all utilities included.  Coworking space may well be the best solution you never thought of.

All of these alternatives for leasing office space are a short drive from downtown Fort Worth vis I-35W, all are affordable, and all are in very desirable locations.

A final word about RDS Real Estate.

RDS Real Estate leads the way with over three million square feet of industrial space and commercial property for rent. What do you need? A warehouse for rent? Retail space for lease? Shop for rent? How about a loft for rent? Whatever it is, we have it. Call us today.  And, we are locally owned and operated, meaning we are neighbors helping neighbors, the best possible transaction.