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Leasing commercial property for rent is something most people have no experience with, and because of that fact, most people are apprehensive about it.  This article is intended to de-mystify the process, cut through the confusion about it, and thus make it less concerning.

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And now, a broad outline of the process when you rent commercial property.

The first steps in leasing commercial property for rent.

We will assume that you have already determined that leasing is a better option for you, than purchasing, so let’s move on from that.

The first step, then, is to determine what it is you want.  A retail space for lease?  A shop for rent?  Perhaps you are hoping for a loft for rent, or office space for lease.  This step includes determining how much square space you need, the location you prefer, and the budget you have established for the leasing process.  This is not a process to rush through.  The simple act of choosing location deserves hours of contemplation and research.  You may like a particular neighborhood or section of the city when, in fact, that location would not be advantageous for your company.

Finding the property you need.

With all the parameters in place, and all of your needs determined, it is time to contact a licensed broker, one who is an expert in your area, to find that commercial property fro rent for you.  This should include a sit-down meeting at which time you will list, in detail, everything you are looking for, the purpose for the leased property, and any other pertinent information.  Remember, the leasing agent cannot find your perfect property if you do not first describe your perfect property.

The agent will be aware of zoning issues and any other information needed, like the need for a Certificate of Occupancy. They will also be aware of the commercial property for rent action in any particular area, and whether that area is prime for growth or not.  Establishing a good, working bond with a broker is a huge step towards finding the perfect commercial property for lease.

When in doubt, contact a lawyer.

This may sound a bit strange, coming from a real estate brokerage firm, but we do believe it is a step worth taking: once you have found the property you want, it is time for contract negotiations, and we are firm believers in turning contracts over to real estate lawyers so they can do their legal thing.  You are hiring them to roll up their sleeves and fight for you, to obtain the best lease possible, to protect you with legal suggestions, and to make sure that everything is done correctly, thus avoiding headaches down the road.

Obviously we have simplified the process greatly in this article, but these broad strokes should give you enough to get started in the process.

Happy Hunting!

A final word about RDS Real Estate.

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