RDS Real Estate is a local real estate company in the Fort Worth area that offer commercial and industrial properties that are in some prime locations for leasing and we also have a hair salon where you can lease a station or a suite. We have a hair salon Grapevine that might be exactly what you are looking for so that you can start your very own business. If you are a hair styler looking to start a business in hairstyling then you should think about a lease space that we have. We want all of the very best that we can offer in hairstyling Grapevine so that we are the best choice for all salon services in Keller Texas and more. If you are not a stylist but would still like to know about our lease property maybe to lease retail space then all you have to do is call us to lease rental property from us. We have many locations for you to choose from and we think that they are all in great areas so that just about any type of business is sure to grow. We are located in the north Fort Worth area and off of a major high way so that you can get to us fairly easy. If you are interested in knowing more about what properties we have available and what it would cost to lease or purchase them then you should contact us so that we can inform you of the rates. We are always getting new locations so we do not have all of them listed on our website so if there is something you are looking for then you should stop on buy so that we could give you a tour of what we have so that you can see for your self.