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Don’t even bother trying to lease office space in Dallas, Head west to Arlington!

Trying to Lease office space in Dallas?  Try Arlington or Fort Worth instead!

Everyone seems to want to lease office space in Dallas or get a good deal on commercial property to rent in Dallas. After all it’s the commercial capital of Texas, but is it really the best place to start a business?  Well that all depends, but if you are on this site and actually reading this, then the answer is “No!”  Why is it “No”?  It’s because RDS Real Estate doesn’t actually have any property in Dallas.

However, if you are looking to lease commercial properties in Arlington or lease commercial properties in Fort Worth then RDS Real Estate is your one-stop solution.  We offer flexible lease terms and incredible move-in specials!  It is never been easier to find an office for lease in DFW thanks to RDS.

RDS Real Estate has been of the most trusted providers of commercial property in DFW for over 10 years, and what sets us apart from the rest is that we care about the small business owner!  RDS Real Estate was founded by Ron Sturgeon, a self-made man, who has a deep passion for helping the struggling entrepreneur because he was once one himself.

Forget about Retail for lease in Dallas, Head on over to Arlington!

Dallas has more people, so you would think that retail for lease in Dallas would be a smart choice but with so much stuff going on in Arlington, including being the site to Super Bowl XLV, Dallas retail space for rent currently isn’t on the same level as Arlington retail space.

Fortunately, RDS Real Estate makes it easy to rent office space in Arlington and rent retail space. We also offer office space to rent in Fort Worth and as always, we offer incredible move-in specials and flexible lease terms on all of our properties for rent.

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