What do landlord tenant eviction and a failed loan have to do with each other?

Landlord tenant eviction is much the same as a homeowner who has a failed loan and gets foreclosed on. RDS Real Estate strongly recommends you, the landlord, new or not to the business of leasing to secure the proper residential lease forms as a tool or instrument that may hold up in court should the unfortunate need arise for whatever the reason. In essence you would be doing a rental type of foreclosure should your tenant default on his obligation to you the landlord.

This residential lease agreement much like a standard lease agreement, if written properly and executed properly can help you to recoup any funds that are due to you in the unlikely event of default. By the way free foreclosure lists are available online for you to find potential tenants that are going to be in need of housing that is doable for them.

Rock solid residential lease forms are a necessary part of successful leasing.

Residential lease forms when they are written with rock solid language can protect you, the landlord from losing valuable time and resources when problems arise. A foreclosure countrywide situation is bringing a lot of renters into the picture that would have never considered renting had they not met with misfortune. This is your golden opportunity, but you want to be fair and just, so it is important that everything is in writing to avoid collision and misunderstandings in the future.

Remember some of these folks will have had a first time home buyers loan, that they thought they understood, but more often than not, nothing in it was explained to them. There are many unfortunate stories milling around these days. Landlord tenant eviction is something that everyone wants to avoid.

Even a home equity loan vs line of credit can sometimes spell trouble for the distressed homeowner.

Home equity loan vs line of credit was all the age in the peak of the real estate boom but now with the drop in equity across the entire nation, these home equity loans with their bloated nature are wreaking havoc among our nation’s homeowners. Home loans countrywide are in a mess, a real mess, never been witnessed before in the history of our nation. Hard money lender in every town, or several hopped on this ride of all rides and now the homeowners are suffering an unbelievable and unprecedented fate. You can help as a landlord, buy up property, these ex-homeowners will be grateful to you in huge ways and you will be like a hometown hero as you lease them a home or property.

Landlord tenant eviction will become much rarer as people shore up and do what they need to do to survive. Your residential lease forms are important though, so don’t slack, use the correct and complete forms and treat equitably and you will thrive and so will they! The old adage “do unto others” is a good rule to live by, landlord or tenant. We can make the leasing process very pleasant if given the proper tools, skill, forms and kindness.




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