Yes we have industrial space in Saginaw.  If Saginaw is your thing, we’ve got you covered.  We have Blue Mound and Haslet covered as well.  For that matter, we have all of Tarrant County covered because we are RDS Real Estate, one of the leading industrial and commercial real estate companies in Tarrant County.  Call us at (817) 439-3224 and we can get this deal done for you.

Are you locked in on industrial space Saginaw?

Is there some emotional attachment to Saginaw because if there isn’t, and you are willing to drive down 35W a few miles, we can find you a much better deal on industrial space in Tarrant County . . . in North Fort Worth as a matter of fact . . . in the Alliance Area, to be specific.

Listen, there is industrial property for rent and then there is GREAT industrial property for rent. The former gives you the basics of what you want and need; the latter gives you a feeling that you found something special.  North Fort Worth . . . the Alliance Area . . . the Fort Worth Design District . . . something special is waiting for you.

Box Office Warehouse Suites

What kind of industrial space do you want? Are you looking for a warehouse for rent?  An office warehouse? How about a shop for rent? How about a garage for rent?  Are you a small business owner with a small operating budget?  Are you looking for something special on a shoestring budget? What if we told you that you could have industrial space for lease, in one of the fastest growing industrial/commercial area in Tarrant County, for as low as $875 per month? Would you think us crazy?

Check out Box Office Warehouse Suites! That’s all we’re going to say . . . check it out online on their YouTube video . . . something special is waiting for you!

Golden Triangle Business Park

Also in the Fort Worth Design District (Alliance Area) is a more traditional business park called the Golden Triangle Business Park, filled with industrial space of all sizes and uses, smack dab in the middle of growth in Tarrant County.  Something special is waiting for you!

RDS Real Estate

Listen, we deal in industrial properties for lease, so if it’s Saginaw you want, it’s Saginaw you’ll get. But we also feel obligated to point out options to our clients, the best options for their buck.  That kind of attention to detail is how you become one of the leading commercial real estate companies in one a thriving corner of America.  We can show you anything you want to see, but we will also suggest what, in our opinion, is the best option you have.

RDS Real Estate is locally owned and operated. We have over one-million square feet of multi-use industrial space in Tarrant County . . . one-million square feet . . . that’s about twenty-four miles worth of industrial space.  Call us!  Contact us! You really can’t afford to not call us. Here’s that number again . . . (817) 439-3224.