Finding industrial space in Irving is as easy as doing a ten-second Google search.  Finding the right industrial space for your business will take you considerably longer to do.  We can help. Call (817) 439-3224 and put RDS Real Estate to work for you.

What kind of industrial space

Your first order of business is to narrow your search.  What kind of industrial space in Irving are you looking for? Do you want a warehouse for rent? Do you want a garage for rent, or perhaps a shop for rent, or how about an office warehouse for rent?  Using those terms is how industrial real estate firms list their properties, so the more narrow your focus, the better for your search.

Except . . .

We now speak of multi-use properties in the real estate business, properties which can serve several purposes.  A small warehouse for rent can also be a shop or a garage so, depending on the specific needs of a company, you may find the shop you need in a small warehouse listing.  Confused yet?

Location of industrial space for lease

Your search is for industrial space Irving, but is Irving really the best place for your business?  There are so many options out there . . . industrial space Grapevine . . . Arlington industrial space . . . industrial space Dallas . . . all within ten miles of Irving . . . which leads to that question, which is the best location for your business.  Does Irving have the zoning you need?  Does Grapevine?  Arlington?

And then we consider price and location of industrial space

To further complicate matters, will you find industrial space in Irving which fits your operating budget?  And will you find it in a location which is good for you? Irving is a large city of a quarter-million people, with many neighborhoods, some economically thriving and some not.  Which neighborhoods will be best for your company and can you afford industrial property for rent in those neighborhoods?

These are just some of the considerations facing you as you go about your search for industrial property for lease in Irving. It is not our purpose to confuse you, or discourage you.  It is our purpose to point out that finding what you need in industrial space for lease is a bit more complicated than doing a Google search, and that is why we are in business.

RDS Real Estate has been prowling the highways and byways of Tarrant County for quite some time now. We are locally owned and operated, and we own over one-million square feet of industrial and commercial property in that fine county including warehouses, shops, garages, et al.  We cover Irving, we cover Grapevine, we cover Arlington, Fort Worth, Mansfield, Haltom City, and any town in-between.

This is what we do and we do it well.

Our number, again, is (817) 439-3224. Call that number and put us to work.  We will sit down with you and determine exactly what you need in exactly the city which is the best fit for you and your budget.

Don’t mess around with this. Contact us today!