What kind of industrial space for lease in Saginaw are you looking for?  Are you looking for a warehouse for rent Saginaw, a shop for rent Saginaw, or a garage for rent?  Would you like an office attached to that industrial space, and are you locked in with Saginaw or would you consider Haltom City, Blue Mound, or Fort Worth?

Those are just some of the questions we will ask you if you give us a call. We are RDS Real Estate, one of the leading commercial and industrial property real estate companies in Tarrant County. Call us at (817) 439-3224 for the help you need.

Location of industrial space for lease is important

You’d be amazed by the number of clients we help who have this pre-conceived notion of where they want their industrial space, when in fact their desired location is not good for their business.  Not all location is the same.  That’s why we asked what we asked earlier.  If you are not locked into Saginaw, there is some great industrial property for rent in Haltom City, Blue Mound,  Arlington, and Fort Worth

What size industrial space are you looking for?

These are things experienced industrial real estate agents ask and answer.  Size matters in industrial real estate.  You pay for every single square foot of industrial space for lease, so you should have a pretty good idea of what size you need. Five-thousand square feet? Ten-thousand? If you are thinking medium-to-large, we strongly suggest properties in Haltom City like these two:

  • 5530 Midway #3
  • 5530 Midway #4

Great location, not too big, and room to grow at a good price.

But what about small businesses needing small industrial space?

It gets a little trickier for small businesses looking for industrial space under one-thousand square feet.  Contractors and developers rarely build industrial properties under one-thousand feet, but one area where normal is tossed out the window is in unincorporated North Fort Worth in the Fort Worth Design District.  There you will find Box Office Warehouse Suites, and there you will find industrial property for lease in 320 square foot increments.

What do we mean by 320 square foot increments?  At Box Office Warehouse Suites, you start off with a base unit of 320 square feet for $875 per month.  If you need more room you add on another unit, thus doubling your industrial space. You can add on horizontally or you can add on vertically.  You can have a ground floor unit and a balcony unit, and that unit can be anything you want, from a warehouse to a shop to a garage, and anything in-between.

Contact us for more details. Again, we are RDS Real Estate, one of the leading commercial real estate companies in all of Tarrant County.  If what you need exists in Tarrant County, we can find it for you.  We are locally owned and operated,  and we consider your needs to be a personal challenge for us.  Call us and challenge us.  Tell us what you need, and want, and then turn us loose to do our thing.