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There are certain things to consider when you choose shop space for rent, and in this article we will point out a few of those considerations.  For more information you can call us at (817) 439-3224.  We are RDS Real Estate, and we have the information you need to make an advised and informed decision when you rent shop.

If choosing shop for rent was a simple matter, all you would have to do is rent a neighbor’s garage.  But there is more to it than that, of course, so let’s look at a couple factors.

Your shop space for rent should be secure.

We assume you will have equipment and supplies in your shop, and that equipment and those supplies are valuable to you. Finding shop space for rent which has some sort of security system, then, should be important.

Shop space for rent should have proper wiring and electrical capabilities.

Most shops are used for machinery and tools, and machinery and tools require special heavy-duty wiring.  Make sure this is available and easily accessible for you.

How accessible is the shop for rent?

Not only how close is the shop to major arterials, but how easy is it to access? Some shops for rent are located in business parks, so make sure easy egress is available.

Location, location, and location!

It is a truism in commercial real estate, as valid today as it was fifty years ago: location is vitally important in choose industrial property for rent.  Is the shop for rent in a good location for you, and is it in a good location for your customers/contacts/business community?  You may pay a little bit extra for a great shop location, but it will be money well-spent in the long run.

Plan on the future with industrial space!

What you need in a shop for rent today may not be what you need two years from now.  Hopefully your business will grow.  That is, after all, the reason why you are in business, so you need to plan for that growth.  A shop space for rent of 300 square feet might be adequate in 2018, but will it be adequate in 2020?  Conversely, if you are paying to rent a space far too large today, it may be money wasted.  Finding the shop space which adequately meets your needs today, as well as in five years, is something to consider.

And what about amenities and extras?

Do you need bay doors? Do you need a loading dock?  Do you need a small attached office or rest room?  Our suggestion: sit down and make a list of all amenities you need as well as those which would be nice extras to have.  Take that list with you when you go out in search of the shop space.

Can we help you with all this? We think we can.  We are RDS Real Estate, and we are one of the leading industrial property companies in the Greater Fort Worth area with over one-million square feet of industrial space for rent, specializing in small-to-medium multi-use industrial properties.  We live and breathe industrial real estate, and we are standing by to answer your questions and help you with your search.  Give us a call!