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The title of this article implies that there is a specific process one should take when it is time to rent office space.

We believe there is. We believe it is a bit more complicated than simply going on Google and doing a search.  We believe, in order to find the perfect office space for lease for your particular situation, you need to take the following steps, in order, so that you end up with a perfect match of needs, desires, and actual property.

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Now, though, let’s talk about the process to follow when it’s time for leasing office space.

How much square footage do you need?

The search begins with you calculating how much room you need in an office space for rent.  Do you need a reception area? How man separate offices will you need? Do you need a storage room?  Will you need some sort of display room?  And how large should these rooms be?  You are going to be dealing with commercial real estate described in square footage, so you need to know the approximate square footage that you will need.

What is your budget?

We cannot overemphasize this point enough.  There are plenty of offices for rent in any major city.  You have many to choose from, and that is good news for anyone looking to rent an office.  You have options, but make sure those options fit within your operating budget.  We have seen far too many companies, especially small businesses, go under and fail because they did not stick to their operating budget.  What can you afford? This is crucial, so take some time determining a budget you can safely operate within.

Decide on a location

This is a tricky one and not nearly as straight-forward as it may seem. Which location is best for your particular business?  Do you need walk-up traffic? Do you rely upon drive-by traffic? Would you be better off in a strip mall or an office building?  Is downtown best for your particular business, or would your business benefit from being at a major arterial, miles from downtown?  And would your business do better with a specific type of neighboring business, or would that matter at all?

Compute all costs associated with the rental

Remember, you aren’t just paying rent for the office.  You are also paying utilities, WiFi, the price of signage, the cost of furnishing the office, etc. You would be amazed how many businesses do not budget for those secondary costs of renting.

Leave room to grow

None of us can predict sales years in advance, but we still believe you should plan on growth, and planning for that growth means planning on extra space in your new office to accommodate that future growth.  Yes, it might cost you a bit more to rent larger than you currently need, but what is the cost of moving to a larger location in one year due to great sales?

Have a pro read the lease agreement/negotiate terms

Understand your limitation.  Real estate lawyers exist because it is important that their clients understand the nuances of the real estate contract.  And yes, you can negotiate for better rental terms.

Yes, a real estate lawyer will cost you extra money, but they will also protect you against not understanding the fine print of that contract you are about to sign.

A word about RDS Real Estate

If what you need exists in the Fort Worth area, the pros at RDS Real Estate will find it for you. Call us and tell us what you need, tell us what you can afford, and then turn us loose to do our thing.