Commercial Property For Rentleasing office space

Who could benefit from having a mini office space to rent Fort Worth?

Just about any home-based business owner in Fort Worth, that’s who, and we are probably talking hundreds of people.  The problem in Fort Worth, and across the country, is in finding what we call a mini office space for lease.

But it’s no longer a problem! We have a solution, and that solution is one phone call away for you if you are such a business owner.  Call (817) 439-3224 for details.

The reality of commercial property for rent

Why is a mini office space for lease so hard to find?  The answer is found in the nature of industrial and commercial property for rent: larger spaces mean higher rental prices.  It’s all about profit.  A commercial property developer knows that he can make more money by building larger spaces, which is a totally logical approach in real estate development.  An office space for lease of 2,000 square feet will bring in more income than an office space for rent of 500 square feet, and that’s just the reality of commercial real estate. The same can be said about a warehouse for rent, a shop for rent, or a garage for rent . . . bigger means more revenue!

But the commercial real estate landscape is slowly changing

And that change is because of the influx of small businesses and/or home-based businesses.  Literally millions of home-based business now make up a large percentage of privately-owned businesses in the United States, and those businesses do not need 2,000 square foot offices.  They need something slightly larger than the spare bedroom they have been using for office space. They need a professional look to their business, but they need it to fit into a tight operating budget.

They need a mini-office!

How large is a mini-office?  The ones we are suggesting are 320 square feet, or 8’x40’ in size.  They rent for $875 per month, which is a much lower cost than most office spaces available, and they exist at Box Office Warehouse Suites in North Fort Worth in the Alliance Area.

We are sure you will all agree that 320 square feet is a great size for your home-based business, and we are sure you will all agree that $875 per month is a much-lower price than you will find for a traditional office space in Fort Worth.

But you can also go smaller and less expensive if you want to consider a coworking space at Paddock Place Office Suites, also in the Alliance Area.  There you share office space with other business owners and pay a fraction of the cost for an office space, only renting it when you need it, by the month . . . a mini office space for rent at a mini price!

You have options! Contact us today at (817) 439-3224. We are RDS Real Estate, locally owned and operated, and we have a mini office space for rent which is perfect for your situation.  The future is now for home-business owners. Call us for details rates, and answers to your questions.