Commercial Property For RentHow to afford a warehouse for rent as a small business

It is a problem we hear about often at RDS Real Estate: how can a small business ever afford a warehouse for rent in today’s market?  With leasing prices skyrocketing, and warehouses for rent in the $2000-$5000 per month range, how does a small business owner ever hope to break into that market?

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If it’s good enough for Fort Worth, Texas, where we are located, it’s good enough for Syracuse or Spokane or Tempe.

How about a coworking space in a warehouse for rent?

Do you know how a coworking space works? It’s the latest trend in commercial and industrial real estate, and it has to do with those who need an office space for rent, but only have a very tight budget to work with.

Coworking spaces are shared offices.  A business owner only rents an office for a week, or a month,and oftentimes they only rent half-an-office with another business owner.  It’s a wonderful solution for those on a tight operating budget, and if it works for those looking for offices, why wouldn’t it work for those looking for a warehouse for rent?

Put together a list of three or four other small business owners who are looking for warehouse space.  Find an existing warehouse for rent, say one about 4,000 square feet in size, and partition it off so you each have about 1,000 square feet of warehouse space.  You can all use the same loading dock, overhead doors, reception area, and you can share the office space. Instead of paying $4,000 per month for a warehouse much too large for you, you pay $1,000 for a warehouse which is just right for you.

Is this type of arrangement available in your city? We are willing to bet that it is.  All it takes is you calling an industrial property real estate company and presenting your idea.  Chances are excellent that they will have a large warehouse sitting empty, and they will be quite happy to listen to any solution which will get that warehouse “off the market” and making income for them again.

Think outside the box!

Listen! This is not 1965. IN 1965 there was a very clear set of rules in commercial and industrial real estate. That is no longer the case. The huge influx of home-based businesses, which was a result of the recession of ten years ago, has necessitated that those in the business come up with some creative solutions.  In Fort Worth we took that attitude and created the first business park in that area made from shipping containers. We offer thirty-eight business suites, all 320 square feet in size, all inexpensive.  Each unit can be a warehouse for rent, a retail space for lease, a garage for rent, shop for rent, or office space for lease.  It is the perfect solution for a home-based business owner looking to spread his wings and fly into the real world of business on a small operating budget.

Are there similar opportunities in your community, similar to Box Office Warehouse Suites?

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