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Garage for Rent in Dallas

Sometimes all you need is a garage for rent in Dallas.

So many realtor websites will tell you that you need a huge space to start your business.  This is just not true, especially if you are a startup business owner.  All you really need in that case is a warehouse or garage for stock storage and a front desk area to make transactions and display your merchandise.  Properties that are bank owned are usually built upon these two areas.

When it comes to commercial property financing, it’s better to be smart.  Start out renting first.  You won’t have to pay interest, you can break your lease if things take an unexpected turn, and properties for lease are always going to be cheaper than properties for sale.

Month to month lease: good or bad?

It depends on what you’re leasing, where it is, and what you plan to do there.  If you’re looking to lease office space in Dallas, you’ll want to find somewhere you can set up shop and stay a while.  With all the commercial property for sale in Dallas that’s popping up these days, renting isn’t a bad idea.  You’re more mobile as a company than your competitors.  As your business outgrows your space, your space can grow with it.  If you buy property, it’s not the case.

Industrial commercial property in Dallas can be rent or sold.  The difference is, if you ever need to pack up and head out, you don’t have to worry about selling your place if you’re leasing.  This is of great advantage to all small business owners and startup businesspeople.

If you want to rent a venue, start at the beginning.

It seems oversimplified, but starting at the beginning is something that people just don’t do these days.  The popular inclination is for you to start 3 steps ahead of yourself.  You don’t want to start the business; you just want to run it.  When you lease commercial properties in Dallas, are you thinking of tomorrow or next year?

This is an important question because it very well may determine whether you buy commercial property or choose to rent the industrial property in Dallas instead.  You also have to know what you’re looking for.  At RDS Real Estate, we help you answer that question.  You may think you want to rent in Dallas, but what your company really needs is outside storage in Burleson.  You don’t know until you ask.  You have the questions, we have the answers.  Visit our website at for more information.

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