You may or may not be able to find a garage for rent in Southlake.  Let’s just say, because Southlake is relatively small in size, your chances are lower than finding a garage for rent Grapevine or a garage for rent Fort Worth.

But we can help if you give us a call. RDS Real Estate, our number is (817) 439-3224, and finding industrial space for lease Tarrant County is what we do and do well.

What is a garage for rent?

We know, it sounds like a silly question, but in the industrial real estate business it is actually a very good question.  What exactly are you looking for in a garage for rent?  Will this be a car repair garage, in which case you will need hydraulic lifts and all manner of special wiring and equipment? Will this be a car painting garage, or perhaps a boat repair garage?  Or are you simply looking for a protected area to store a vehicle?  Depending upon your answer, your quest just got harder or easier in Southlake.

But if you expand your search area, and expand your search parameters, it all becomes simple.

Something about RDS Real Estate

We deal in multi-use properties!  To our way of thinking, there is little difference between a garage for rent, a shop for rent, or a warehouse for rent.  The name depends upon the usage, but all three examples are merely four walls, a ceiling, bay doors, and perhaps special wiring for machinery/tools.  So we control over one-million square feet of multi-use industrial properties for lease.  We refrain from calling those properties warehouses, garages, or shops. We prefer to look at them as opportunities for business owners with imaginations.

So you want a garage for rent Southlake; here’s what we would do at RDS Real Estate.

  • We would ask you to tell us the exact nature of your business
  • We would ask you to tell us what you have budgeted for property lease
  • We would ask you to tell us the specific needs you have for industrial property for rent

And then you would turn us loose to do our thing. The whole process, from the moment you step through our door into our office, to the time we present you with a detailed list of your best choices, will only take a matter of hours, time you can spend doing grocery shopping or visiting the zoo.  Once we have that list we will sit down with you, discuss the list, and go visit what we believe are your best options for industrial space for lease Tarrant County.

Not Southlake, but Tarrant County!

We know, you wanted Southlake, but why limit your world?  If we can save you money and put you in a better lease situation in, say, the Alliance Area of unincorporated North Fort Worth,  isn’t it worth it to you to drive an extra fifteen minutes to that area rather than Southlake?

Work with us! Contact us! If you are flexible in your demands, we have some absolutely stunning options for you in your garage for rent search.