Searching for a garage for rent in Irving can be a bit of a confusing undertaking.  Garage for rent properties really suffer an identity crisis in industrial real estate. What, exactly, is a garage?  And who is it for?

To most people, a garage is where you park your car at night.  To those in industrial real estate, a garage is a place where mechanics work on machinery. All of that is fairly straight-forward.  The confusing part of this discussion lies in what a garage real is with regards to design and structure.

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Back to the dilemma: what is a garage for rent?

If we get down to basics in construction, there is very little difference between a garage for rent, a warehouse for rent, or a shop for rent.  They all have four walls, a floor, a ceiling, and almost all have bay doors.  A garage, because heavy machinery is used, has the necessary electrical outlets to accommodate such machinery, and it has ventilation for safety. Those are the chief distinguishing features of a garage for rent.  So a shrew industrial property broker would keep his/her eyes open, not only for garage for rent properties, but also for warehouse for rent properties with the proper electrical hook-ups and good ventilation.

Finding a garage for rent

Let’s use us for an example of how this would work.  You come into our RDS Real Estate office and you tell us you want a garage for rent Irving.  You tell us you have done a Google search and cannot find any garage for rent properties in that city. We do our due diligence and discuss your specific needs for that garage.  We match up those specific needs with known industrial space available in Irving and nearby areas, and we come up with two for you to look at:

  • 3101 N. Main #A
  • 3101 N. Main #B

Both are warehouse for rent in Mansfield. Both have the wiring necessary for heavy machinery, and both have ample ventilation.

And then we ask you this question, and please pay close attention to this question:

Why Mansfield?  What is it about Mansfield that made us suggest these properties?  And are you open to discussing garages for rent outside of Irving?

The best location for your garage for rent

It may well be that Mansfield is not the best location for your garage.  It may well be that unincorporated North Fort Worth, at this time, is the best location for practically any business, and it is our job to point that fact out.  Using the current example, we would feel obliged to tell our client that the Alliance Area in the Fort Worth Design District is currently the hotbed of industrial and commercial activity in Tarrant County . . . not Mansfield, not Grapevine, not Arlington . . . the Alliance Area!

Once we have found you industrial space to consider, and once we have presented our arguments for all of them, we turn the decision . . . which garage for rent is best for you . . . over to you.  It is, ultimately, you who will have to live with the decision.

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