So you want garage for rent properties in Fort Worth?  We can help you with this article, and we can help you if you call our number at (817) 439-3224.  Read now, call later, we are here to help you.  We are RDS Real Estate and we have our finger on the pulse of commercial real estate in Fort Worth and all of Tarrant County.

Why a garage for rent Fort Worth?

We are serious about this question, so give us a serious answer.  Why Fort Worth? Fort Worth is just part of Tarrant County, one of the fastest-growing commercial areas in the entire United States, so what is it about Fort Worth which makes you lock onto it in your search.  Could you be persuaded to look in unincorporated North Fort Worth? How about a garage for rent in Arlington or Grapevine?  Again, why Fort Worth? If you could find the perfect garage for rent ten miles from Fort Worth, would you take it?

What do you want the garage for?

Is this garage for storing vehicles in, or are you going to repair vehicles in it?  The use of that garage will affect the search for a garage, so be specific when you enlist the aid of a commercial real estate agent.  Make sure they know what you want that garage for.

What features do you need for this garage for rent?

What type of electrical hook-ups do you need this industrial property for rent you are searching for? Do you need bay doors? Do you need an attached office? Make a list of what your necessities are and do not sway from that list.

And what is your budget for this garage for rent?

The number one reason why businesses fail is because they are under-capitalized.  In other words, they did not stick with their budgets and they did not have the funds to cover those expenditures.  Trust us on this statement: there is a garage for rent which meets your needs and your budget; you just have to be patient in finding it.

Which brings us to our recommendation.

We are RDS Real Estate, and for our money, and in our professional opinion, there is no better place to lease a garage than in unincorporated North Fort Worth in the Alliance Area. Consider these facts about the Alliance Area:

  • Minutes from dining & shopping at Alliance Town Center & Presido Junction
  • One of the fastest growing area in the DFW Metroplex
  • 50,000 households within five miles
  • Average household income of $100,849
  • Total population within 3 miles of 47,417
  • 14,609 households within 3 miles.

And within the Alliance Area you will find a brand new pocket commercial neighborhood called the Fort Worth Design District, one of the hottest beds of commercial activity you will find in the Greater Fort Worth area.

Write down this name: Box Office Warehouse Suites.  It is our Number One recommendation if you are looking for a garage for rent in Fort Worth.  It is a business park with multi-use properties which can be configured to meet your needs, and it is smack dab in the heart of the Alliance Area.

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