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Looking for a shop for rent, in Fort Worth, in the past, may have been frustrating and discouraging.  The shops available were certainly expensive and, quite frankly, there just were not that many quality shops for rent.

That has changed, and we are going to tell you about four great options in shop space for rent in the Greater Fort Worth Metro area. We are RDS Real Estate, and when it comes to industrial space and commercial property for rent, in Fort Worth, nobody does it better. Call us at 817-439-3224 for more information.

Shop for rent in South Fort Worth, two options.

Let’s get right to it. The first shop for rent we want to tell you about is found at 917 Industrial Park, in the Alvarado area of Johnson County.  The entire industrial park was built with small businesses in mind, properties ranging from 1200 square feet to 16,000 square feet, and low prices to match.

Check out just one of the many properties available:

4560 JD Mouser Pkwy. #100
Alvarado, Texas 76009

 3000 sq. ft. industrial space for lease in Alvarado.

  • Two 14 foot tall bay doors.
  • One office
  • One restroom

Located in Johnson County outside the city limits. No CO required. Near I-35W, Hwy 287, FM917 and Hwy 67. Great for electrical supply or HVAC company.

The second shop we want to mention is also within 917 Industrial Park, found at Mouser Self Storage. There you can rent small hobby shops, with electricity, with 24/7 access, for a fraction of the price you would pay for a comparable property in downtown Fort Worth.  A shop for rent in a self storage facility?

Yes, and you need to see it before you reject the idea outright.  The price and the easy access make this a great consideration.

Shop space for rent in North Fort Worth, two options.

While we are on the self-storage topic, let’s look to North Fort Worth, in the Haslet area, to Blue Mound 287 Self Storage; again, there you will find small shop space in large storage units, again for a fraction of the cost of traditional industrial property for rent.

Finally, the crème de la crème, found at Box Office Warehouse Suites, in the Fort Worth Design District, where you will find industrial space, 320 square feet in size, made from recycled shipping containers, at a price you will not believe.  Need more space? We simply join two containers together, add an entryway between them, and you have a great property for a small operation. We should warn you about this property, however; it is funky, it is edgy, and it is populated by Creatives who are accustomed to doing things a bit differently.  And bring your dog so they can romp in the dog park after you have a barbecue on your deck.

Like we said, a bit differently!

Great opportunities for small businesses.

There you go, four great opportunities for small businesses looking to rent a small shop.  All four of them offer great location with access to I-35W, an easy commute to downtown Fort Worth, all four are affordable, and all four are perfectly located for the future growth of Fort Worth, north and south along I-35W.

A final word about RDS Real Estate.

RDS Real Estate is locally owned and operated.  Within our three million square feet of property is the industrial space you are looking for.  Call us today.