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Yes, we are aware, the title of this article is a bold one – Fort Worth office space to rent to fit any business budget? Is that even possible?

We think it is. We are RDS Real Estate, serving the Greater Fort Worth/Tarrant County area, and if you are financially stable enough to consider leasing office space, we have the office space for lease for you.  Call us at 817-439-3224 for more information or to arrange for a tour of some quality office space in Tarrant County.

What is your budget?

Let’s get the discussion about money out of the way right off the bat. We have office space to rent, in Fort Worth, at Paddock Place Office Suites, for as low as $400 per month.  This is coworking space perfect for a business owner who may not need permanent office space, but who occasionally needs a professional place to call “home” for their business.

We have permanent office space, long-term leases, for as low a $875 per month at Box Office Warehouse Suites, 320 square feet of unique, funky, totally charming industrial properties you will fall in love with.

And we have larger properties, renting for considerably more, if you want to rent office space which is more permanent and spacious.

We can work with your budget, and that’s not a statement you will often hear from a commercial real estate company.  Our goal is not to put you into a particular property we are trying to rent; our goal is to put you into a particular property which perfectly meets your needs and fits your budget.

Rent office space or office warehouse for rent?

We have both, office space for rent and office warehouse for rent.  You tell us what you need and we will give you options.

Anywhere in the Fort Worth/Tarrant County area

We have Haltom City office space to rent. We have Grapevine office space to rent.  Do you like the Saginaw area? Check, we have Saginaw office space to rent. How about Arlington or Irvine or Kennedale or Southlake? Check, we have it!  Listen, we have been doing this for a long, long time.  Our portfolio of properties in Tarrant County is sizeable and varied.  If we can’t find what you want, where you want it, chances are it simply does not exist.

Our highest recommendation is . . .

Here is the best tip we can give you in 2021 and beyond . . . Fort Worth Design District, located in the Alliance Area of North Forth Worth, the fastest growing commercial, industrial, and residential area in all of Tarrant County.  Now is the time to secure a property in that area, before prices skyrocket.  The Alliance Area is the future of Tarrant County, and the Fort Worth Design District is in the heart of the Alliance Area.

A word about RDS Real Estate

We are locally owned and operated. We are generally considered one of the leading commercial and industrial real estate companies in all of Texas, and that kind of reputation only comes from quality service.  Call us and let’s get you into the office space you want, at a price you can afford.