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Fort Worth Homes For Sale

Why Is Buying A Home In Fort Worth Such A Good Idea?

Not so very long ago, it seemed like the good times in real estate would never end. House prices soared in markets across the country; at one point, in San Diego County, Calif., the median home price—half were above, half below—was $500,000.

We all know how that particular story ended, but there’s a chapter that many people haven’t paid all that much attention to. In Tarrant County, Dallas County and the rest of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, the real estate boom was quieter. House values didn’t spike. And even in the hard times that followed the housing crash, the foreclosure rate didn’t spike either—Texas bankers remember the real estate crisis of the 1980s, and the Texas Constitution doesn’t allow homeowners to take all the equity out of their homes as homeowners did in so many other states.

Add the resilient Texas economy to the mix and you have an area where homes have tended to hold onto their value. Although no part of the country has been immune to the economic downturn, DFW Metroplex homes are still selling for good prices.

Residential Real Estate in Fort Worth

There’s plenty of residential real estate in Fort Worth to attract the knowledgeable buyer—from newer homes in far north Ft. Worth, near Keller and Saginaw, to Ryan Place and Fairmount, south of downtown, neighborhoods where some of the houses have been standing for more than 80 years. There’s bound to be something that appeals to your taste and your pocketbook!

You can find Fort Worth homes for sale on both national and local sites. Try ( and the National Association of Realtors’ site, The Star-Telegram, Fort Worth’s daily newspaper, offers listings at for a glimpse of what’s available, as does

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