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It occurs to us here at RDS Real Estate that there are many business owners who do not know how to rent a warehouse. Why should they? They have never done it before, so they really don’t know how to go about it, what they should do, what they should look for, etc.  That’s what this article is for, five important steps to take when renting a warehouse for rent.

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Now, though, let’s turn our attention to renting a warehouse or office warehouse for rent.

Square footage and operating expenses

Finding out the square footage of any warehouse is as easy as reading the real estate listing, but do you know what it will cost to operate within that square footage?  Generally speaking, the larger the warehouse, the more costly the operating expenses.

This is why we always tell new customers to lease with their minds and not their hearts.  You need to know your operating budget.  You need to know exactly how much you have to spend on the operation of your business. And you need to know exactly how much space you REALLY need.  You can rent the most beautiful industrial space to lease, but if it’s too expensive for your budget, you will not be in that property for long.

Heating, ventilation, and HVAC

Most warehouses for rent do not have heating and air-conditioning. That’s not to say they all don’t, because some of the newer ones do, but for the most part, you can expect no hearting and no HVAC.

This calls for you to know your exact needs. What products do you carry, and do they need heating and/or air-conditioning, and how much ventilation will those products and your employees need.  Sure, you can open the bay doors, but will that be enough air flow to meet your needs?  The same can be said if you are looking for a garage for rent or a shop for rent.

Parking area and loading area for warehouse for rent

How will deliveries be made to your warehouse? In a delivery van? If so, no worries. Most parking lots can handle a delivery van.  Not so with a semi.  Semis need ample room to turn around and back in to your loading dock.  Your business would be in a world of hurt if you couldn’t have much-needed supplies delivered or if you couldn’t have your product picked up.  Check on this! Make sure deliveries and shipments can be made to your warehouse.

Who maintains the building?

If something breaks or something malfunctions, who is paying for it? If the awning leaks, if the roof leaks, if the bathroom overflows with waste from a plumbing problem, are you on the hook for the repair, or is the warehouse owner? Find out!

Zoning and ample utilities

How much electricity do you need in your warehouse? How much water flow?  How strong a WiFi connection do you need? And what is that area zoned for? These are things most people do not think about, but a business owner should.

These are just a few suggestions you should follow if you are looking for a warehouse for rent. We have more. Call RDS Real Estate and talk to a broker about your needs.  We can walk you through the leasing process and find you the warehouse you truly need.