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For those leasing office space in the near future, the good news is you have quite a bit to choose from. The bad news we will cover in this article.  We are RDS Real Estate, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, and all of Tarrant County. Call us at 817-439-3224 to tour some of our office space to rent.

Choosing just the right office space is crucial for your future comfort, peace of mind, and business successful. There are pitfalls when choosing office space for lease, and this article is aimed at helping you to avoid those pitfalls.  These, then, are the mistakes to avoid when leasing office space.

Not understanding your company’s needs

Before you ever head out to look at office space, what you should do is make a specific list of your specific needs.  We at RDS Real Estate find it amazing how many of our clients do not do this when they rent office space.

Do you need one office space for lease or multiple offices? Do you need a reception area? Do you need to be in a particular part of the city?  Does your business rely upon walk-in traffic?  How many square feet do you really need? Do you need a conference room and a break room?  Men’s restroom and women’s, or just one unisex? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, don’t even bother going out to look at offices.

Not understanding other expenses

You are locked in on your company budget, and you know what size rent you can afford, but do you know how much those “other” expenses will cost? How much for utilities? How much for WiFi? How much for a deposit? How much for signage?  How much for decorating the new office? These secondary expenses can total in the thousands, and being aware of them is crucial before you sign that lease.

Not planning for the future

What is your five-year plan? Do you even have one? How large will your company be in five years, and how large of an office space will you need if those sales actually happen?  Is the office space you are looking at large enough to handle future growth? If you need to add one more employee, or two, will there be room for that expansion in workforce?

Signing on full-time when part-time will do

Do you really need an office full-time, or will coworking space, or part-time office rental, do?  Coworking spaces are rented by the month, oftentimes with utilities included, and are a much-less-expensive alternative. Are they right for you?  If so, why in the world would you sign a full year lease when part-time will do quite nicely for your business?

Not reading the fine print about leasing terms and restrictions

Contracts are tedious to read. We know because we draw them up for our clients, and we’ve read thousands of them. But that fine print contains important information, and you need to sit down, preferably with a legal expert, and go over it all. It just might make the difference in the survival of your company.

A word about RDS Real Estate

Commercial property for lease, industrial space for lease, we have it all, and we have it all over Tarrant County. Call us for a warehouse for rent, and office space for rent, a retail space for lease, or any other commercial or industrial property. We are locally owned and operated, and we have Tarrant County and Fort Worth covered like a blanket.