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Admit it, you rarely, if ever, see those words, extraordinary, and industrial property for rent, used in the same sentence. Industrial property for lease is, by its very nature, mundane and dull in appearance and design.  A warehouse is a warehouse is a warehouse.  A shop, by any other name, is still a shop, to borrow from Shakespeare.  Industrial properties for lease are not usually exciting.

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Why is industrial property for rent so dull in appearance?

It all comes down to construction costs with industrial space.  Building a rectangular building using standard lengths of lumber is cost-effective . . . it saves money.  The fewer special features you add . . . the fewer odd angles you have . . . the less it will cost to build that industrial property.

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Truly unique industrial space for rent does exist in the Alliance Area.

You just have to know where to look, and that place is in the Fort Worth Design District, a new business pocket neighborhood which believes in creativity and uniqueness.

We are RDS Real Estate, we own and operate over one-million square feet of multi-use industrial property for rent, and we are always on the lookout for multi-use properties which have unique designs or features.  Why?  Because life is too short to spend it on the mundane!  We like to think outside the box.

Speaking of boxes, let us introduce you to Box Office Warehouse Suites, one of the newest business parks in the Alliance Area, thirty-eight multi-use commercial properties and industrial properties for lease made entirely from shipping containers.  There you will find small warehouses for lease.  There you will find small warehouse for rent with lofts and patios. There you will find shops for rent with personality.  There you will find garages for rent which are inspirational in appearance.

There you will find unique!

There you will find properties starting at 320 square feet, the perfect size for a small business looking for a place to stretch its wings.  And as the business grows so, too, does the industrial space, simply by adding another container onto the existing one.  It is fast, it is easy, and it is much less expensive that traditional construction.

Listen, anyone can rent boring industrial property.  In any city in America you can find “dull” in a matter of minutes.  But not everyone will rent industrial property like you find at Box Office Warehouse Suites, and that’s because not every business owner is willing to step out of their comfort zone and do something completely different.

Which kind of owner are you?

If you are just a little bit different, call us at RDS Real Estate, locally owned and operated in Fort Worth, Texas.  We have industrial property for lease in Fort Worth, Mansfield, Grapevine, Arlington, darn near every nook and cranny of Tarrant County, and you can bet our industrial space for lease will meet your needs and, in fact, exceed your expectations.

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