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Most office space for lease in today’s commercial real estate world has one thing in common: it is too large for those who need it most.  A correlation to that statement could also be this: it is too expensive for those who need it most.

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Who needs office space for lease the most?

The biggest percentage of businesses in the United States today is the small, micro business.  Included in this group is, of course, the home-based business.  What all of these business entities have in common is a small operating budget, so when it comes time for them to expand, owners discover that today’s office space to rent is generally priced out of their range.  An office lease in a decent part of town, no matter which city you are in, will cost between $1,000 and $1,500, and that is simply too extravagant for most small businesses.  They are left with really only one choice: suck it up and remain headquartered in their homes.

That’s the way it was, in most cities, until the 1990s and 2000s when something called flex space became a thing in the commercial real estate world.

What is flex space?

The term flex space is a bit difficult to pigeonhole with just one meaning; the best we can do is to say it is commercial or industrial property for rent which is flexible in its nature. It does not fit into standard conceptualization.  It can be a number of things, and one thing it is can be a space used by a number of businesses.

This is seen quite often with leasing office space.  Today we find large offices, with an open design,  and a number of workstations in that office.  Business owners, salesmen, and other entrepreneur types come in, rent the space they need, and only rent it when they need it.  When they don’t need it, the same space is rented to some other person on a limited basis.

Another term for this is coworking space.

We have also seen in increase in this type of thing happening: two or more businesses will rent one office space for lease; they will then partition it off and turn it into two or three separate offices, all sharing a common reception area.

An example of flex space in Fort Worth, where this article originates, is at Paddock Place Office Suites. There you will find people leasing office space by the month for prices starting at $400 per month.  Utilities are included in that price; everyone shares a break room, the rest room, and a conference room; it is an innovated solution for those small business owners who would otherwise not be able to rent an office.

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