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RDS Real Estate | The Experts in Commercial Space for Lease Dallas

You need Commercial Space for Lease in Dallas.


If this is the case, then look to RDS Real Estate to lease office space in Dallas.  If you need office space in Fort Worth, we can accommodate those needs as well.  Basically, if you’re in need of commercial property in Fort Worth or Dallas, we’ve got what you’re looking for.  From office space in Fort Worth to commercial property in Fort Worth, if you’ve got a small business that needs a place to start up in DFW, you can browse our properties page to see which of our many locations suits your needs.


RDS Investments has been around for decades, and real estate is our man focus.  With daughter company RDS Real Estate, we strive to provide locations across the metroplex for tenants looking to start or grow their businesses.

For those who want to Rent Office Space Dallas . . .


. . . We recommend that you consider the three foundations for finding the perfect office space in DFW:


  • Storage Space.  It’s not just about finding office space in Ft Worth; you need a place to store your product, unless it’s a service you offer.  In that case, replace storage space with workspace.  If you make house calls, then make it parking space.  Basically, this category falls under any space you’ll need to carry out your end of the bargain when your clients pay you.
  • Administrative Space.  This is similar to office space leasing in DFW, with the exception that it’s more geared toward secretarial and clerical work.  It’s where the accountants, filers, etc. need to be.
  • Retail Space.  This is where you interface with your clients.  This space can be used to either display your wares or advertize your service with cardboard cutouts or discount/sale signs, as well as posters describing your services.


The Experts in Commercial Property Dallas.


When you rent office space in Ft Worth, once you consider the three foundations, it becomes incredibly easy to see the big picture when considering a commercial property lease in KennedaleCommercial property in DFW is ever-changing, and RDS Real Estate plans to change with it.  Check back for updates often, as the market for commercial property in Ft Worth is fluid and ever-evolving.


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