Arlington may be home to the Texas Rangers of Major League Baseball, but it is also home to a great business environment, and commercial space for lease in Arlington is plentiful.

The only question remaining, then, is this: is the perfect commercial property for lease for your business located in Arlington, or will you have to look elsewhere in Tarrant County?

Either way you really can’t lose!

Here is a truth worth knowing before you look to relocate:  all industrial space is not the same!  If you are looking for a warehouse for rent in Arlington, do not assume that one warehouse is the same as all warehouses. There are big warehouses and there are small warehouses. There are warehouses with one bay door and warehouses with two bay doors. Some have loading docks and some don’t.  Some have outside storage. Some have attached offices, making them office warehouses, and some do not.  Some are in Arlington and some are in unincorporated areas of Tarrrant County, meaning different taxing and zoning laws.

So it’s not as simple as simply conducting a Google search.  To find the perfect commercial property for rent one must have a specific wish list and a game plan which includes RDS Real Estate.

Why RDS?

Look at it this way:  would you want to go into battle with the second best army or the best? Silly question, right?  But maybe not so silly . . . you will be looking for the future home of your business.  You will be looking for an industrial space which makes a statement about your business.  That kind of search calls for the best commercial real estate company in the area and not the second best, and RDS Real Estate is, hands down, the best in Tarrant County.

Paddock Place Office Suites, Box Office Warehouse Suites, Golden Triangle Business Park . . . these are just a few examples of what RDS Real Estate has to offer in industrial space for lease in Tarrant County, Texas, and many more listings in Arlington.  With one-million square feet of multi-use commercial property, RDS will find the property you want and WILL work out a leasing agreement which is beneficial for all parties.

And that is a guarantee!

What are you waiting for? Give us a call now and get started on the next chapter of your business future.

About RDS Real Estate

RDS Real Estate is a leader in leasing warehouse space, office space for lease, and multi-use space in Tarrant County, featuring industrial and commercial properties in Fort Worth, Haslet, Blue Mound, the Alliance Area, Arlington, Kennedale, and Haltom City.  For more information about any of their properties, call Jim Eaton at (817) 439-3224, email leasing@rdsinvestments or visit  RDS is owned by Ron Sturgeon, a leading name in commercial property for lease in the Fort Worth area.  And for information about Sturgeon’s newest business park, Box Office Warehouse Suites, the only business park in Fort Worth made entirely from shipping containers, you can also contact Jim Eaton.