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Can you afford retail lease space? Most home-based business owners would probably so no. They have remained in their homes for exactly that reason, to cut down on costs and because they are fully aware of the very high price of a retail space for lease.

Let’s look at the costs of a retail lease space, and then at the end of this article we will tell you about a fantastic, affordable retail space for rent which we believe is highly affordable no matter what size business you operate.

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Base leasing costs

It is not unusual to pay $2000 or more, per month, on a base lease for retail space for rent. Yes, it is possible to find retail property for less, but if you are looking for a high-traffic location, that estimate is certainly realistic and may, in fact, but on the low side.  Remember, retail space is priced per square foot, so logically the larger the space, the more the lease cost. And that square-foot price will be affected by the location and popularity of that location.

All of that is daunting for a small business owner looking for a visible space to run their “mom and pop” business from, and it explains quite adequately why so many business owners are running their businesses out of their homes, taking advantage of online shopping sites like Etsy or Amazon to sell their products.

The cost of amenities and extras

Add to the lease cost the cost of utilities. Add the cost of WiFi. Add the cost of property taxes, which are often included in the lease agreement. Add to that the cost of insurance.  Add to that the cost of outfitting the retail space with shelving and furniture and whatever else is needed in that space. The numbers add up quickly and far too often add up to a cost far beyond what a small business can afford.

Is it worth it for you?

We wish we could answer this question for you, but we can’t.  A business owner must weigh the lease cost, plus the cost of amenities, against the added revenue projected for that site.  Will your sales increase in a particular location, or are you better off with just online sales?

An alternative in the Fort Worth area

We can’t speak for other cities in the U.S., but we know Fort Worth intimately, and there is one opportunity which needs to be considered in the Fort Worth Design District, namely at Box Office Warehouse Suites. There it is possible to lease prime retail space for lease for as little as $875 per month. This is an exceptional value in one of the fastest growing commercial areas in Tarrant County.  If you live in the Fort Worth area, call us for details and to arrange a tour of Box Office Warehouse Suites.

A word about RDS Real Estate

RDS Real Estate is the trusted name in commercial and industrial properties for lease in Tarrant County. We are locally owned and operated, and we are standing by to meet your every need. Call us and tell us what you want.