Commercial Property For RentCan your business afford a warehouse for rent?

The first, knee-jerk answer to that question . . . can a small business afford a warehouse for rent . . . is an emphatic NO!  And quite frankly, that answer is understandable considering the fact that most warehouses, even the smallest of warehouses, start renting at $1500 or more per month, and that price is at the low end of industrial real estate reality.

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Very few small businesses, or home-based businesses, can afford to rent a warehouse for $1500 per month or more.  Thus we are face to face with a very common dilemma in the industrial real estate world: the largest percentage of companies in the U.S. are small businesses, but most of the  industrial property for rent are too large and too expensive for those companies.

Is there a solution?

We offer you an emphatic YES!

There are actually two very common and logical solutions to the problem mentioned above: flex space and warehouse sharing.

What is warehouse sharing?

A very similar problem was facing one of our clients just last month.  Their operating budget could not possible afford to pay for a warehouse for rent, but they desperately needed more room or they would not be able to expand their business. We suggested to them that they share a warehouse with another business with a similar situation. We gave them the names of a couple small business owners we knew of in a similar situation; they met with them and agreed to share one large warehouse. The warehouse for rent that they agreed upon was 3,000 square feet in size and it rented for $2100 per month. The three companies rented that warehouse, partitioned it off to make three smaller warehouses, shared a common reception/office space, and today they each pay $700 per month, which is affordable for all three companies.

Problem solved!

What is flex space?

Flex space is a similar concept wherein you only rent a space for when you need it.  In the case of a warehouse for rent, the warehouse is a large, general-use area with individual storage areas. Companies come in and rent space by the month for only as long as they need it for special shipments or for storing short-term inventory.  This concept works quite well for a warehouse for rent, a shop for rent, a garage for rent, and even an office space for rent.  In the case of an office space to rent, this concept of flex space is actually called coworking, or coworking space, and it has been a salvation for many small business owners and entrepreneurs who have shoestring operating budgets.

Check it out . . . warehouse sharing . . . flex space . . . the solution you need is out there for those with flexible and creative minds.

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