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Building for sale and options

There are options to the consideration of a building for sale by a consultation with Ron Sturgeon, owner of RDS Real Estate and leading business consultant to small and medium businesses. Ron has a portfolio of perfect business property that he purchases specifically for leasing to his trusting clients whom he is helping to build their sound businesses.


Ron has a passion for the small business owner in the beauty and wellness fields and as a result he has created three spas that he partitions into private studio and boutique space and leases them for the esthetician for care skin careers and other experts. Estheticians like the options for custom features for care skin in grapevine, near colleyville tx. Stop before you look at that building for sale, call RDS Real Estate for the information you need.

Buildings for rent by experts

Buildings for rent by the experts at RDS Real Estate, are optimized for leasing ease and sound business building efforts. All of the spaces in any commercial building by RDS is customizable, always has ample storage and parking and structurally sound construction. The commercial lease by RDS Real Estate is unparalleled in the industry and full of amenities.


Commercial leasing should be a pleasant experience and free from stress. It should be an equitable association between tenant and landlord and fair in all aspects.  Call RDS Real Estate  for a preview of the premium commercial property for lease before you consider investing heavily in a building for sale, it just may change your future.

Renting in lieu of buildings for sale

Renting in lieu of buildings for sale could be the smartest business move you make in your business career. Learn from an extremely successful business entrepreneur who will show you the differences between a commercial real estate for sale and leasing commercial space from RDS Real Estate.


If you are a professional in the beauty or wellness fields or related retail, call for a tour of the Salon and Spa Galleria for a private studio for your business. If you apply cosmetic or sell it, a boutique or studio for lease that is affordable is a major assistance to your profitability.  Call for a glimpse at the possibilities for your studio of cosmetic in grapevine. Call RDS Real Estate for a look at leasing instead of a building for sale and weigh your options.

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