Specialty color match boutique shops

If you are interested in design you have probably seen some of the few new color match larger boutique shops that may have gotten your creativity flowing.  This website that you found has landed you in the place where you can realize your dream fashion boutiques by leasing a studio at Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate.  If it’s a bridal shop you’re interested in opening, tour today.


The Salon and Spa Galleria is perfect for a jewelry boutique as well where you can showcase boutique jewelry and thrill the spa clients who are constantly searching for unique accessories and clothing, hats, shoes, bags, scarves that are only found at custom boutique shops like that of which you are seeking to open. Call RDS Real Estate today for details.

Your own style of fashion stores

Your own style of fashion stores will have your talent and personality all over it and you’ll see bits of yourself bearing their mark on your new clients as they shop at your custom spa clothing store. Popular now is the presentation of organic wear like bamboo clothing, hemp clothing and organic cotton. Bring that to the spa for an overwhelming success.


One of the most sought after boutiques on the spa scene is the wedding shop and honeymoon dress stores so bring your desire, talent and open your elite shop now, affordably and with excitement. Specialty formal wear is the cry of many spa clients especially for quality and beautiful quinceanera dresses that only unique boutique shops can offer. Call RDS Real Estate, to begin your career.

A very different wedding dress boutique

A very different wedding dress boutique is one that custom tailors a certain design to fit the exact specifications of the bride, both in body shape and in desire. If you can pull that off, you will be in much demand in the Salon and Spa Galleria. The call for unique dress boutique and the designer boutique dress is every present at the spa. You can write your future at the spa with the support of RDS Real Estate.


Every spa client adores boutique shopping and in no time at all you can have your boutique open and operating and even have a separate incorporated office to rent in arlington at Salon and Spa Galleria at Arlington. Call for your own boutique shops reality today at RDS Real Estate.