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Booth Rental Agreement has met its match | RDS Real Estate

Booth rental agreement has met its match

Booth rental agreement has met its match and it comes in the form of a lease agreement for a concept spa, developed by the leading business consultant and entrepreneur, Ron Sturgeon and offered by his brokerage, RDS Real Estate. The average booth rental contract allows a professional a small open air space that comes equipped with a chair, mirror and station, access to the community shampoo bowls, etc.


These booth rental contracts recite what is allowed within the select community and what isn’t. It calls out your fees and earnings percentages and so on. This owner and business consultant has focused on the type of booth rentals that would best lead to optimal business building for the professionals.  His new type booth-rental and booth rental agreement bears little resemblance to the normal. Call for details.

Better than booth rental agreements

Better than booth rental agreements, this business builder chose to build private studios with locking doors, within a luxury spa that he created called Salon and Spa Galleria. For instance hair color experts can design their own color bar, import that Italian hair salon chair and operate totally independently of the spa management. The management is therefore present to support itself and the tenants, not the other way around.


You might imagine that a business consultant would also offer business assistance and you would be correct. One of the first tools you will be offered is the free hair stylist business card designs, free website by the webmasters of RDS Real Estate and free wifi of course. There are free business builder seminars and so much more. Call RDS Real Estate to learn more about this new form booth rental agreement.

Very different booth rental Arlington

Very different booth rental in Arlington is one of the most progressive choices you can make for the future of your career. You will given the option of leasing hair stylist chairs, shampoo bowls and other equipment if needed to get started in a new business.  You’ll learn that writing your own hair stylist job description instead of hair stylist jobs resumes and application is so much more empowering.


File away that hair stylist resume until you learn how easy and preferable it is to be in business for yourself but never by yourself. Find out the details of the lease agreement and the differences between it and the booth rental agreement at RDS Real Estate. Call your leasing agent today and begin.

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