Anyone looking for an automotive garage for rent in the Fort Worth Metro area will want to read this article.  We believe we have what you want in Johnson County at 917 Industrial Park, and in this article we will tell you all about it.

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What do you need in a garage for rent?

Based upon our experience in the past, dealing with other auto garage owners, we believe the following criteria need to be met when looking for industrial space:

  • Bay doors for easy entry of the vehicles.
  • Ample room to work on vehicle/vehicles, plus room for tools.
  • An office in which you can conduct business.
  • Easy access for customers.
  • Ample room for deliveries and tow trucks to move to and from your business.

Where should your garage for rent be located?

To answer this question, we refer to the fourth item in the listing above.  Your customers must have easy access to your garage.  You need to be close enough to the commercial heartbeat of the city so that customers will find you easily and be able to drive to you easily.

Does the garage need to be near other garages? We don’t think so; in fact, we think it would be advantageous if it wasn’t near the competition.  Would it be helpful if a related business like an auto parts store were nearby? Most definitely it would, two related businesses feeding customers, indirectly, to each other is always a good thing.

Cast your eyes on this industrial space example.

Let’s look at the industrial space for lease available in our brand-new 917 Industrial Park, located just outside of Alvarado, Texas, a thirty-minute drive south of Fort Worth.  One very nice example, which we think would make for a great automotive garage:

4553 JD Mouser Pkwy. #101
Alvarado, Texas 76009

 7200 sq. ft. warehouse space in Alvarado. Three 14 foot tall bay doors with one dock high. Has one office and one restroom. Located in Johnson County outside the city limits. No CO required. Hear I-35W, Hwy 287, FM917 and Hwy 67. Great for car repair, electricians or HVAC companies.

Let’s refer to the list above and see how this property stacks up.

Bay doors? Check, three of them, great access to vehicle.  Ample room to work? Check, 7,200 square feet, room for three lifts plus tools. An office? Check, great location for meeting with customers, slightly to the right of the ingress/egress of the bay doors. Easy access for customers? Check, large parking area, easy access to an interstate, two highways, and another access road.  And lastly, ample room for trucks to move in and out? Check, take a look at the open spaces in front of this prime building.  This building screams AUTO GARAGE!

If you do not work in Fort Worth, this is the type of property you will want to find in your city.  If you do work and live in the Fort Worth Metro, get yourself down to Alvarado and take a look at 917 Industrial Park.

A final word about RDS Real Estate.

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