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There is no doubt about it: leasing an office space for lease, on a yearly lease, can be expensive.  The lease itself, often in the $1500-$2000 per month range, is a major drain on finances, but then add to that utilities, insurance, WiFi, phone, and furnishings, and you begin to see why so many small business owners work out of their homes. They simply cannot afford a traditional office space to rent.

But there is an alternative, and we are going to discuss that alternative in this article. We are RDS Real Estate, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, and we believe we have the solution you are looking for, an alternative to the traditional office space for lease. Call us at 817-439-3224 for more details after reading this article.

Welcome to coworking space, an alternative to leasing office space which many small business owners, home-based business owners, and traveling business professionals are falling in love with. Coworking space is office space for lease on a monthly basis. With coworking space, you share an office building with other professionals looking for a short-term lease.  Instead of paying for twelve months . . . instead of renting the entire office building structure . . . you only rent one small office space, and you only rent it when you need it i.e. monthly.

The advantages are obvious

The advantages of a coworking space should be obvious. Instead of paying on a yearly lease, you only pay when you need an office.  Utilities are included with most coworking space. WiFi is included. Oftentimes, furniture is provided, as is a private mail drop just for you.

In addition, with coworking space, you have a professional setting and face for your business, a place where you can meet with clients, or a place where you can rub shoulders with other business professionals, and chat with them in a shared break room over lunch.

Lower cost, less risk, a professional face for your business, and companionship/idea sharing . . . what’s not to love about a coworking space? Rent office space you can afford . . . what a novel concept!

In Fort Worth, look to Paddock Place Office Suites

In Fort Worth, the premier coworking space exists at Paddock Place Office Suites.  Individual coworking space can be had there for as low as $450 per month.  You rent on a month-to-month basis, when you need it. Utilities are included, as is WiFi, as is a private mail drop.  For as little as $450 per month, your business will have a professional appearance for clients and customers, and you will be able to interact with other small business owners and commiserate with them.

A word about RDS Real Estate

RDS Real Estate has the Fort Worth/Tarrant County area covered like a horse blanket, with outstanding commercial property for rent and industrial properties for lease which can meet any needs.  Call us and arrange for a tour of the Fort Worth Design District, an outstanding enclave of three business parks, located in a thriving new commercial area in North Fort Worth.  Our leasing agent is standing by ready to answer any questions you might have about The District or about coworking space.