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Addison Texas is near Grapevine luxury spa | RDS Real Estate

Addison Texas near Grapevine spa

Addison texas near Grapevine spa allows professionals the private studio space that dreams are made of, offered by RDS Real Estate. Better and more affordable than buildings for sale, for very little resources, a professional can lease premium space with minimal stress. See this business property by taking a tour with the leasing agent.


Estheticians who take care of skin will be totally amazed at the customizable features, privacy yet a community of like minded professionals at the Salon and Spa Galleria at one of three locations. Call for the perfect studio for care skin in grapevine, near the communities surrounding Addison Texas at RDS Real Estate.

Alternative to building for sale

Alternative to a building for sale, the lease prospects offered by RDS Real Estate are coupled with the expertise of a very successful entrepreneur and business consultant who will explain in black and white the reasons to lease instead of buy. If you are convenient to colleyville tx then you are convenient to most of the lease commercial building options of RDS.


Commercial lease when done properly, is a major advantage to your business profitability. Commercial leasing is most always the best decision for small to medium businesses. Consult with the experts at RDS Real Estate. Areas surrounding and between Grapevine and Addison texas will be able to easily commute to property of RDS Real Estate, call now.

Spa buildings for rent

Buildings for rent that have been transformed into a luxury spa called Salon and Spa Galleria may be exactly what you’ve been searching for if you are in the beauty, wellness or associated retail. When you seek commercial property for lease, you want to look first for location perfection. All of the RDS Real Estate property is hand selected by the owner for location.


If a commercial real estate for sale isn’t in a prime location, It isn’t considered for the RDS Real Estate portfolio. Next, the commercial space has to have plenty of space for parking and the property space has to be customizable. If you sell retail cosmetic lines, you can easily lease a boutique at Salon and Spa Galleria for your business. Call now for a studio near Addison texas that is convenient and beautiful.

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