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What do you want in a shop for rent? We are here to help you with that question. We are RDS Real Estate, and we have the answers you need. Contact us for information on how to find the shop space for rent which meets your needs.

Things to consider when looking for shop space to rent

We believe there are three important considerations when looking to rent shop.  They are:

  • The size of shop
  • The cost of the shop
  • The power supply to the shop

Let’s look at each of these.

Size of shop space for rent

If you are a one-man business, you basically need room for you and your machinery. We know of machinists who get by with shop space under 500 square feet.  Remember that shop space will rent for around $1.50-$3.00 per square foot, depending on the city and neighborhood you are looking at.  Location is important to consider.  Shop space in Des Moines, Iowa, may very well be less expensive than shop space in New York City.  Know your area, know your budget, and begin a realistic search.

What size shop will you need in five years? This is a consideration many people fail to look at.  If your business grows, do you have the space to handle that growth? You sure don’t want to be moving into a new shop in five years, but it will be necessary if you don’t plan for growth now.

Cost of the shop

We already gave you some information about costs. We cannot say this enough or with enough emphasis: have a fixed budget and stick with it.  If you have a fixed budget which allows for a rental cost of $1,000, do not stray from it. The number one reason for businesses failing in the United States is being underfinanced and not sticking with a working budget.  Don’t let your vision cloud your reality with regards to rental payments.  It would be a deadly mistake for your business.

Power supply is crucial for anyone looking for a shop for rent

Shops for machinist must have a three-phase power supply. This is a game-breaker, so make sure the shops you are considering can handle the power requirements and specifications of your tools and machines.

Is location important for a shop for rent?

As far as customers are concerned, perhaps not.  Or perhaps it is!  Only you can decide that. Location is much more important when considering the cost of the lease.  Certain industrial properties for lease cost more than others, in the same city, because certain neighborhoods are more desirable.  In other words, know your market!

All of these things must be considered before you lease a shop space for rent, and our number one suggestion is that you contact a local expert in industrial property for rent.  Rely on an industrial property for rent expert.  He, or she, has the training and knowledge to help you, and that experience is invaluable.

Contact us if we can answer any questions for you. Our number is (817) 439-3224.  RDs Real Estate is the name to trust in the Fort Worth area.