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We have compiled a brief checklist for anyone looking for retail space for lease. We hope you find it helpful.  RDS Real Estate serves the Greater Fort Worth area with top quality industrial and commercial property for rent. Call us at 817-439-3224 for more details.

And now, a checklist when looking for retail space for lease.

Is the size adequate?

First and foremost, is the retail lease space adequate for what you want to accomplish? Will it hold all of your display materials and all of your product?  This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be amazed how many business owners rent a space which is not large enough for their business. Do the measurements, make sure, avoid an embarrassing headache.

Is there ample parking available?

Retail space for rent might be magnificent, everything you ever wanted, but if there is no place for customers to park, the space is fairly worthless.  How much space do you need for an average business day? How much for a very busy business day?  Is there easy ingress and egress for customers into your parking spaces?  Ignore this important point at your peril as a business owner.

Are you near access points?

Traffic flow is crucial for any retail business, vehicle traffic and, to a lesser degree, foot traffic.  Is the commercial property for rent on a major arterial? Are major freeways nearby?  Is it an area where there is a large amount of foot traffic? We suggest you take a day and watch the traffic flow near the potential rental.  Observe a normal weekday of vehicle and foot traffic. Do your due diligence.

Will nearby neighbors add to your business flow?

Some businesses draw customers to you simply because they are compatible to your business.  A tailor shop near a clothing store would be an example of this. An electronics repair shop near an electronics retailer would be another. Will your neighbors help or hinder your retail space for lease?

Building inspection

Many skip this step. We believe it is important, especially for older buildings. At the very least, do your own walkthrough to inspect the structure.

Is there room for expansion?

It is the hope of every retailer that growth will occur. Is the retail lease space large enough to handle the near-future growth? It would be a shame to move again, six months or a year down the road, and it would be damaging to your business sales to do so.  When in doubt, always go a size larger in retail.

Cost of incidentals?

Other than the monthly lease, what will it cost to run your business from that retail space? What are the average utilities? Are there hidden fees?  Read the fine print of the leasing contract.  When in doubt, ask questions or have a lawyer read the contract.  You don’t want any negative surprises a month after you move in.

Responsibility for repairs and upkeep?

Be very clear on this. Who is responsible for repairs to the building? Who is responsible for upkeep, or is it shared, and if so, what is your specific responsibility for the shared duties?

These are just a few of the things to keep in mind when looking for a retail shop for rent.

A word about RDS Real Estate

We are locally owned and operated, leading the way in Fort Worth with quality commercial properties for lease. Call us and ask about the retail space for lease available in the Fort Worth Design District, the fastest growing commercial area in Tarrant County.