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If you are new to the commercial property for rent marketplace, and there are things you simply do not understand about the process of obtaining commercial property for lease, this article is for you.  We are RDS Real Estate, serving the Greater Fort Worth area. Call us at 817-439-3224 for information about retail space for lease, office space for rent, and other quality commercial properties in the Greater Fort Worth area.

And now, a beginner’s guide to commercial property for rent!

What is commercial property for rent?

Commercial property is generally considered real estate which is used for business activities which generate a profit.  These would include retail properties and offices where customers come in, spend money, and receive either a product or a service.

What are the different types of commercial property for rent?

The lines are a bit murky with regards to the differences between a commercial property lease and industrial property for rent. For instance, a manufacturing firm in a warehouse is usually considered industrial property, even though it may have a retail shop in the front office space where their product is sold to the public.

Still, in the accepted real estate language, commercial properties would include retail property for rent, office rentals, a shop for rent, and even a retail loft for rent.  It could even be argued that an apartment complex is commercial property, as is a mobile home park.

What is included in a commercial property for lease contract?

There is no easy way to answer this question. One size does not fit all in commercial space for lease.  Leases vary from real estate firm to real estate firm, and from city to city.  What is standard is the cost of the property, usually listed as the cost per square foot.  Also in the lease is mention of needed repairs and who is responsible for those repairs, the types of signage which are allowed, and other incidentals which are unique to the commercial property industry.

Are leases negotiable?

The very quick answer to this question is yes, leases are negotiable. Whether the leasing firm makes a practice of negotiating, though, is an entirely different matter, but it is always advisable to, at the very least, try to negotiate for better terms of the lease.

How is price established?

The price per square foot is determined by the laws of supply and demand, and is unique to each city. Comparable retail space in Fort Worth may cost more than retail space in Billings, Montana.  Whatever the market bares is the general rule of thumb regarding leasing cost.

What about zoning

We would be remiss if we did not say a word about zoning laws. They vary, not only from city to city, but from neighborhood to neighborhood, so make sure your retail business, or the exact nature of your business, is permitted in a particular area where you are leasing property.  Not all retail businesses are the same, and not all retail businesses are allowed in all commercial areas.

A final word about RDS Real Estate

Locally owned and operated, RDS Real Estate is a leader in the Fort Worth community. Whether it is commercial property you seek, or industrial property you are looking for, RDS Real Estate can match your needs with the property you want. Call us, talk to our leasing agent, and we can help you make your dream a reality.