Dreamy wedding party rental

Yes, there is a dreamy wedding party rental attached to one of the most grand, wedding party rentals in the DFW area. You can live like a multi-millionaire the week of your wedding whether you are one or not. All you have to do is visit the website of RDS Real Estate or give a call and you will be taken to the exclusive mansion where you can begin your dream. Having your wedding reception hall on the same property as you have your wedding removes all the stress of guests being divided in hotels, driving hazards and less than great accommodations.

Your wedding reception hall rental can be held in the multi-car garage, perfect enormous conditioned room, or it can be held in the 2-story European library. It can also be held all over the mansion throughout the main floor for a flowing effect. You are in charge at this luxurious but homey, wedding receptions venues. Call to see your wedding party rental choice and start dreaming.

An industrial warehouse lease with RDS Real Estate is affordable and convenient

Escape for your wedding party

Your wedding party will love you even more as they will have the best of all accommodations in this wedding rental mansion, with 4 bedrooms and 4-1/2 baths. You’ll love that of all of the wedding rentals you may have seen thus far, this is the only one that could possibly have a master bedroom with a 500 jet ceiling in the shower plus waterfall. Pictures taken in front of the 7 fireplaces, all custom or the ability to sit beside all of the different burning fireplaces along with your guests provides a warmth and glow for your winter wedding.

For the extravagant wedding venue rental that you are seeking, you will enjoy finding this weddings venue will meet all of your expectations and then some. Call Ron Sturgeon today for a private tour of your future wedding party rental, the beautiful beginning to your new life. Bring your best friend, your parents, your wedding planner, a bottle of wine and your movie camera for a fun packed tour and celebration that your hunt for perfection is over.

An office space to rent in DFW could be the perfect starting point for your business

Wedding party rentals exclusive choice

Now that you have made your exclusive wedding party rentals choice, won’t you let all of your associates know about the incredible rentals that RDS Real Estate has to offer the business world? RDS Real Estate constantly carries the best portfolio of commercial rentals like a tarrant county office warehouse with or without apartments, some even with spiral staircases into the office.

Only choice tarrant county retail space for rent appeals to Ron Sturgeon, who hand selects all of his tarrant county warehouse for rent properties for having specific features. Ron knows and exceeds all aspects of the tenant landlord act and his leases are unparalleled. There is so much to offer at RDS Real Estate, from the perfect wedding party rental to the office most conducive to business success. Call today and begin a new life tomorrow.

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