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Specialty designer wedding dress boutique

Bring your specialty designer wedding dress boutique to a specialty location at the Salon and Spa Galleria Grapevine or Arlington. If it is a jewelry boutique that you have in mind, join the power of the spa community to present your boutique jewelry in unity with your bridal shop or all by itself. Call RDS Real Estate for a tour of the spa and details.


Everyone is looking for a specialty clothing store with unique design and set apart from the crowd. The same with the wedding shop, as the call is on for uniqueness in a wedding dress boutique, with gowns that mimic personality of the bride and talent for fitting and customizing reigns supreme. Call for a tour today and let your career begin with the assistance of RDS Real Estate and Salon and Spa Galleria.

Formal fashion boutiques

Formal fashion boutiques are plentiful, but if you have a unique idea, unique designs that appeal to the discriminating, you’d best come to the spa for a tour to see just how your boutique will fit into the glamour and island feel of this luxury setting. Join your dress stores with the beauty professionals that are already operating within the Salon and Spa Galleria.


Got a flair for the formal and presentation of quinceanera dresses that is exclusive? Set up your cozy and chic dress boutique with custom fitting rooms, mirrors, lighting and more. Your lease package for your boutique dress studio comes with press releases, free wifi, free website and more. So you’re your wedding dress boutique, or jewelry or even shoe boutique. Call RDS Real Estate now.

A very different bridal shop

A very different bridal shop is western wear, island or beach wear and other specialty themes for today’s weddings. Spa clients and boutique shopping just naturally go together and who would argue with the chance to open a boutique and office to rent in arlington at the popular spa? Call for a tour, for a chance to get details on the lease package today.


RDS Real Estate has all types of lease office space in fort worth perfect for your business or business idea.  Call to see all of the office space leasing in arlington that would be ideal for your wedding dress boutique or other business with the support of the leading business consultants at RDS Real Estate.