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Wedding banquet halls can be boring

Your average wedding banquet halls can be boring and require tons of decoration to turn them from ho-hum to fabulous, but it is still a hall when the day is done, there just isn’t anything for guests to do but go home. That could be just fine with you and your groom and if so that’s great. But if that is the last thing you want to happen at your wedding then do we have the wedding facilities for you. A lot has been said about the wedding facility by RDS Real Estate, but boring isn’t one of them. Here are a few descriptions: Extraordinary custom built mansion, turrets like a castle, arches and columns greet you.

This is not your run of the mill wedding hall rental, this is a private mansion created with comfort mixed with elegance and grace in a sturdy, European way. Every room in the mansion becomes yours on your wedding day or week, you choose. This wedding party rental will wow your friends and amaze your family as there is none like it anywhere. Out with boring wedding banquet halls and into the gated mini-castle of modern day for your wedding. Call RDS Real Estate today and relax, enjoy and secure your date.

Our rental house is perfect for weddings and corporate functions

Wedding ceremony site of queens

A wedding ceremony site of queens and kings is private, secluded yet accommodating for large numbers of family and guests. It is personal, gratifying, enhancing to the beauty of the moment and the beauty of the couple. It is comfortable for a night’s stay for out of town guests and has interesting artifacts to peruse and discuss. The wedding party rental by RDS Real Estate fulfills those requirements and so many more that you don’t even know to request.

RDS Real Estate has the solution to boring and dull wedding party rentals with options like driving a dream car like one of the honeys you see in the pictures on the website. You will have an all inclusive wedding reception hall that is an entire house, quality in every square inch. Forget your stress over the wedding banquet halls that you have seen thus far and call for a tour of the Colleyville wedding mansion.

Our Burleson industrial space for rent is right off the highway in a great location

Selective wedding ceremony venues

Selective wedding ceremony venues like the one aforementioned is enough to make you want to get married over and over, but hey you can tell your friends and match a few couples up on your wedding day but make sure they invite you! You can also use this exclusive and incredible wedding reception hall rental for any special event including Super Bowl Week. If you have a corporation you can use the mansion for your annual board meetings or make it a retreat for executives.

This wedding receptions venues exclusive that is included within the wedding rental is perfect for any season, year round and extra amenities can be brought in by request. Your caterers will love working in the gourmet kitchen with fireplace. Bar none there are no other wedding rentals in the DFW area that hold a candle to the Colleyville mansion. Put aside the boring wedding banquet halls, until you see the wedding site that dreams are made of. Contact RDS Real Estate today.

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