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Wax in Grapevine can be lucrative | RDS Real Estate

Wax in Grapevine can be lucrative

Wax in grapevine can be lucrative when performed in a private studio at Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate. Find your style lease office space near Dallas whether at the spa or elsewhere by meeting with the leasing agent for an business assessment and to take a tour of the properties that you select. Your new office space near dallas is waiting in the wings.


All office space in fort worth is always in a prime location, always customizable and affordable with not much to do except your own personal custom features. The lease agreement for office space to rent by Dallas by RDS Real Estate is amenity rich and conducive to smooth operations, even for wax in grapevine at a small or larger studio. Call now for a tour.

Grapevine Mill Mall makes an area prime

Grapevine mill mall makes an area prime because of the number of and nature of the retailers within and around the mall. Salon and Spa Galleria takes advantage of the prime location by being just outside the entrance to the mall. RDS Real Estate has the perfect office to rent near Dallas to be able to customize to your exact needs.


Office warehouse for rent should have all of the good business perks necessary to smooth operations, like location off interstates, plenty of parking and storage and a structurally superior building. Even the properties secured by RDS Real Estate from available office warehouse for sale, are always hand selected, then often optimized for property listings in arlington ready for tenant occupation. Spas are perfect for wax in grapevine.

Work and play by Grapevine Mall

Work and play by grapevine mall inside the luxury of the Salon and Spa Galleria and your own private studio. Some of the RDS Real Estate property listings near dallas are for warehouse space and come with an apartment on site for those intense business owners, or for on-site management or security. See every type of property listings in fort worth that work for your needs.


Put your stress to rest by leasing manageable rent commercial property by RDS Real Estate. If now is the time to rent office space near Dallas, there is a perfect space for you.  Estheticians will get a heads up now to tour the Salon and Spa Galleria and make your own studio for skin care and wax in grapevine by calling RDS Real Estate.

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