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Upstep your Tanning business in a spa | RDS Real Estate

Upstep your tanning business in a spa

Upstep your tanning business in a spa, designed and operated by a leading business consultant to small businesses and the leading commercial leasing broker in Dallas/fort Worth, Ron Sturgeon and RDS Real Estate. Your career as an esthetician will inevitably require accommodations and equipment for comfortable client wax in grapevine that a spa is ideal for.


Situated just outside the entrance to Grapevine mill mall, the sprawling Salon and Spa Galleria is very visible, easy to access and is a constant draw for the tenants who choose the grapevine mall location of Salon and Spa Galleria. RDS Real Estate has other prime lease office space by Dallas so be sure to call. Tour the spa for a look at studio space for your tanning business.

Spa tanning in Grapevine

Spa tanning in grapevine is a favorite of the spa clients and with the ideal place to customize the tanning studio, you can capitalize on the draw of the spa for your business. RDS Real Estate has many types of office space by dallas that can help your operations and your growth by relocating to a prime space.


Tour all of the available office space in fort worth with a knowledgeable leasing agent at RDS Real Estate, who will listen intently to your needs, desires and goals for your business and show you ideal office space to rent by Dallas to match them. Finished and custom office to rent by Dallas can be affordable and ideal at the same time, call to discover today. Remember the spa for your tanning studio aspirations by calling and touring with RDS Real Estate.

Estheticians and spa wax studio

Estheticians and spa wax studio are naturals, merging beautifully with the hair stylists, nail artists, make up artists, massage therapists and others at the Salon and Spa Galleria.  Office warehouse for rent normally always trumps an office warehouse for sale, saving your resources for running and growing your business.


Call today and see all of the property listings in arlington and get excited when you learn that there is indeed someone out there in the business world that is looking after your best interests. Each of the RDS property listings by dallas are hand selected and optimized for superior tenant use and customization. From the micro tanning business to the medium sized corporation, RDS Real Estate has a property just right for you.

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