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Unique Boutique at prime spa location for lease | RDS Real Estate

Unique boutique at prime spa location for lease

There is reason to open your unique boutique at this prime spa location, now for lease at Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate.  There isn’t a better location for a bridal boutique than inside a spa next to the skin care, hair stylist, nail artists, make up artists where the potential brides go for personal care. Dreams of the bridal boutique you’ve always wanted to open can be a quick reality.


Samples from fashion designers make a wonderful start to fantastic boutiques, and the quick start possible at the spa with RDS Real Estate can have you smiling in no time in your private and custom unique boutique. Call now for a tour, details and possibilities at RDS Real Estate.

Locate your boutique here

Locate your special boutique here at Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate and get in on the next fall season of shoppers. You can be a business owner now affordably and comfortably with all of the assistance you desire. Leasing a private studio in the spa is quick, easy, compelling, custom and within an infrastructure already refined and optimized and operating. There is no better place to locate a wedding boutique.


Whatever your fashion boutique theme, it’s a perfect fit in this eclectic but luxurious spa by RDS Real Estate. Open your boutique fashion studio with custom features you design and implement, bringing your own personality into the mix of the spa. Go ahead and call your fashion designer favorite and begin to think of stocking your unique boutique. Call RDS Real Estate for a tour today.

Take spa back in time with a vintage boutique

Take the Salon and Spa Galleria back in time with your vintage boutique and team up in referrals with the retro hair stylist whose private studio in the spa has clients who seek high and low for vintage clothing and accessories. You may be beginning to get some new ideas for boutique shops to locate in the spa much more unique than typical fashion stores.


Picture your new specialized wedding dress boutique in the Salon and Spa Galleria and take on a whole new perspective of possibilities. There is no time like the present to open fashion boutiques within this very incredible offer at the spa and by RDS Real Estate. Do you have an idea for a unique boutique? Call now for all of the amenities that can make that possible.

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