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Tour a spa rent space for beauty

Tour a spa rent space for beauty professionals who are seeking an exquisite environment to house their careers. The Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate is near Addison texas, Colleyville and surrounding areas for a very visible and easily centered and accessible location at Grapevine. RDS Real Estate buys a building for sale to transform into a smoothly operated facility for small businesses to rent.


Buildings for rent that are owned by RDS Real Estate are always optimized and completely ready for a business to customize and open for operations. Leave the purchasing of buildings for sale to RDS and save your resources and energy to the operations of your business. See the Salon and Spa Galleria for your new rent space today by touring with RDS Real Estate.

Clients seeking acne care at spa

Clients seeking acne at the Salon and Spa Galleria could find you, the esthetician ready and waiting for them at you new leased business property, the private spa studio. You can customize your studio with the number of sinks, shower and all of the equipment and furnishings that make the care of skin easy and accommodating to your clients and yourself.


Your care of skin grapevine style at the Salon and Spa Galleria will capitalize on the perfection of the location, near colleyville tx at Grapevine. Call and tour now to begin the process of securing your own private spa rent space by RDS Real Estate. You’ll find it to be affordable, luxurious, well appointed and fully operational. You can meet your peers in the beauty and wellness industries and the staff, call now.

Spa treatments and nail acrylic merge

Spa treatments and nail acrylic artistry merge in a spectacular setting that is a center of beauty and wellness professionals that cater to the discriminating clientele. The type of commercial building that meets the criteria of RDS Real Estate suitable for their portfolio of commercial lease property is strict and specific.


Commercial leasing suitable for the small business owner operation must be quality, must be affordable, must be complete and as stress free as possible. Commercial property for lease by RDS Real Estate is always based on quality, has ample parking, is seconds off the interstates and is finished and ready for the tenant to rent space. Call for a tour of the Salon and Spa Galleria today.

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