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Tenant Screening Services for landlords |RDS Real Estate

Tenant screening services

RDS Real Estate can help with tenant screening services that determine the tenant’s ability to fulfill any lease. If you are a landlord and need help or if you are a potential tenant who is not sure what is being asked of them when asked to cooperate with tenant screening services, just give a call to the offices of Ron Sturgeon, the founder of RDS Real Estate and the area’s leading business consultant and real estate broker. Ron can explain the differences in leases, loans like va loan versus conventional loans and anything to do with business.

RDS Real Estate is also a leader in unique wedding sites, the most luxurious in a vacation rental or special events like the Super Bowl week where you take a winter break and can appreciate the ultimate vacation retreat turned football extravaganza. Contact RDS Real Estate today for tours, workshops, consultation, or even his elite Peer Benchmarking services if you are a business owner or professional.

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Finding the best underwriting

Finding the best underwriting whether for a loan or for insurance can be located by calling on Ron Sturgeon who will consult with you for any business concern. He can be equally helpful if you are hunting for a luxurious vacation home rental or a venue for a wedding that will make you into a hero for finding it. Contact RDS Real Estate for all of your leasing and business needs however large or small.

A look at the choice of a warehouse for sale in Dallas reveals that it is quite a bit pricier than a warehouse for rent in arlington and the access isn’t as easy. A consultation with Ron Sturgeon will show you the differences and help you to make a wise business decision. He will explain about the reasoning for tenant screening services and how it Is beneficial for both the landlord and the tenant. Contact RDS Real Estate today for all of your business needs and pleasure rentals.

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Select unique wedding locations by personality

Select unique wedding locations according to the groom and bride’s personalities and you’ve found a sure winner. If you lease the wedding rental by RDS Real Estate it is a pretty sure bet because there is something to please everyone in every room including the pool and grounds. Lease a dream car to drive during the wedding week for the bride and groom as a great wedding gift that will be memorable.

RDS Real Estate has a commercial property for any and all of your business needs like a warehouse for rent in blue mound, a warehouse for rent in fort worth and lots of alternatives to a warehouse for rent in Dallas. Any warehouse for rent in dfw area by RDS Real Estate will be a winner as they are all hand selected by Ron Sturgeon himself for their quality, location and amenities. The positive nature of the tenant screening services will ensure that the relationship is a mutually enjoyable one. Call today for more information and a tour of any offering that suits you!

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