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Tenant legal help

On occasion tenant legal help is needed when there is an impasse between landlord and tenant on an issue or issues. You can get the help you need with anything that pertains to leasing when you enlist the services of Ron Sturgeon of RDS Real Estate, the leading business mentor and broker in the DFW area. He can help you with everything from advice on underwriting for insurance to understanding the differences between leasing and purchasing with a va loan.

In addition to business advice, you’ll be in the hands of an entrepreneur who is also a real estate broker with incredible lease properties like one of the most unique wedding locations in Texas. This is the king of unique wedding sites because it used to be the home of Ron Sturgeon and was custom built and furnished by him for the ultimate in luxury. For all tenant legal issues, business advice and the best rental properties in the area contact RDS Real Estate.

A garage for rent in Ft Worth could the perfect starting place for your business

Write a tenant letter

Write a tenant letter with some assistance for issues with your rental property or lease infractions. Know your tenant legal rights and your responsibilities as well. Enlist the help of Ron Sturgeon to help you to know the proper way to do this in the correct manner. Leases are important tools regardless of whether the term is for a five year commercial property or a weekend vacation rental.

This instrument protects the property owner and the tenant and sets out clear instructions, amenities and cost so that no one is disappointed and everyone is a winner. A vacation retreat is something some folks never think about yet it is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you don’t suffer from burn out and provides a way to build memories that may have been missed. Ask Ron Sturgeon about his vaction home rental that can also serve as the most luxurious venue for wedding sites around.

An industrial property lease is a great way to get your business started on the right track

Tenant screening services

There is a great and valuable tool that some landlords use and it is called tenant screening services. This method of taking a look at prospective tenants is thorough, fair and begins a relationship off in the proper fashion. Allow Ron Sturgeon to explain the difference between leases and purchases before you decide on a warehouse for sale in Dallas. Many business owners are opting for a more economical yet incredible location and value and leasing a warehouse for rent in arlington.

RDS Real Estate has hand selected offerings of many commercial properties like the warehouse for rent in blue mound and many other alternatives to a warehouse for rent in Dallas. Learn your tenant legal rights and what is expected as a tenant in an informative way by attending workshops or consulting with Ron Sturgeon by contacting the office of RDS Real Estate today.

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