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Sweet indeed is a Suite Salon at Salon and Spa Galleria | RDS Real Estate

Sweet indeed is a suite salon at a spa

Sweet indeed is a suite salon at the Salon and Spa Galleria provided by Ron Sturgeon. Perhaps the typical booth rental of yesteryear will become a part of the fading past with the emergence of the private studio. Still, the booth rental agreement is favored by some, especially those just coming out of school and newly licensed.  Call RDS Real Estate for details on private studio leasing.


If you’d like a potential booth rental and its associated booth rental agreements to be evaluated by RDS Real Estate prior to deciding on a  booth rental in Arlington feel free to call for a consultation and while you are there ask for a tour of the Salon and Spa Galleria and a suite salon for you to consider as an alternative to the booth rental.

A new breed of beauty professionals

A new breed of beauty professionals is operating successfully and beautifully in two locations in the DFW area, Salon and Spa Galleria Grapevine and Salon and Spa Galleria Arlington. This new breed was actually sprouted from the booth rental and the booth rental contract aversion. Because the  booth rental contracts are somewhat prohibitive, it necessitated the creation of a more liberal and freeing opportunity.


Most likely booth rentals are here to stay as a choice, but more and more across the country, the independent studios inside posh buildings are springing up. This allows for more small business ownership and that is a major plus in today’s economy. Lease a suite salon for your business in the beauty, health or wellness industry by calling RDS Real Estate.

Exclusive beauty salons for rent

There are exclusive mini beauty salons for rent that are like a clean slate, a decorator’s dream and a business builder opportunity for fast track success and quick client loyalty. If you are among the hair color experts who desires to sell your preferred product, install your preferred  hair salon chair and conduct your business the way you see fit, you are in the right place. Call RDS Real Estate to learn more.


One of the perks with a lease package at Salon and Spa Galleria is free website and free hair stylist business card designs templates, plus free wifi, 24/7 access to your studio, laundry facilities and so much more. Before you settle on less, find your home at the best by calling RDS Real Estate and to choose a suite salon at your preferred location in Grapevine or Arlington spas.

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