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Start with your Boutique Fashion ideas moved to a spa | RDS Real Estate

Start with your boutique fashion ideas

Start with your boutique fashion ideas, call RDS Real Estate and select a studio inside the Salon and Spa Galleria for opening your creative and in demand fashion stores, complete with customization options, affordable lease packages, spa access and every thing you need to begin operations. Free wifi, free website and press releases, business workshops and all infrastructure are included.


The spa is a natural space for a wedding dress boutique and in fact any type fashion boutiques are a welcomed feature by the clients who frequent the spa for their personal care. Locating your bridal shop within the spa may be the smartest move you’ve ever made in your career in boutique fashion. Call RDS Real Estate for all of the details, a tour and a glimpse at the beauty of the studio spaces.

Spas and the fashion designer unite

Spas and the fashion designer unite within your jewelry boutique or maybe it is your own boutique jewelry that you want to display for customers within a custom clothing store. Now you are thinking as the spa clients are always looking for original designs so that they don’t see their selections walking around on other people. Lots of spa clients want to ensure their own unique look, you can help.


Never is that truer than with a bride. You can provide the custom gowns in the wedding shop of your dreams. You can even add boutique fashion honeymoon apparel to the mix for an even greater appeal. What could be better for the bride and her wedding party than having everything they need all under one roof at a luxury spa. Call RDS Real Estate to begin.

Name your boutique shops

Name your boutique shops and move in quickly to offer your selections to the fall spa goers in your elite and beautifully cozy spa studio dress stores. Customization features are allowed always in all RDS Real Estate properties, so no worries in special display features for the very voluminous quinceanera dresses that need to be properly displayed.


Talent is always found in the custom dress boutique and clients with a savvy eye know this and seek the boutique dress of certain designers they have discovered from the custom boutique fashion shops of those they trust. Build that trust and relationship by placing your talent in the Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate by calling now. This may be the beginning of a very rewarding and supported career.

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