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Spectacular spa studio for Hair Styler | RDS Real Estate

Spectacular spa studio for hair styler

Spectacular spa studio for the hair styler does exist in the DFW area, in fact in three locations of spa magnificence called Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate. See this exclusive privately owned and operated lease property that was designed especially with the small business owner in the beauty and wellness fields in mind.


Lease rental should be pleasant and should be complete, with nothing to do or pay for except for rent, décor and equipping just your footprint site. The structure around your new private studio is the spa oasis, fully operational and also available to you and your clients. Lease retail space by RDS Real Estate isn’t your average lease space, as you’ll see with a tour. See the hair styler spaces operational and available spaces for your business today.

Home for hairstyling tools

A well run hair studio should have a place for each hairstyling tool and product, that is possible only when you lease your own space and customize it like those at the Salon and Spa Galleria. If you have a dream for a retail business selling product like lotion, make up, hair products, clothing, wedding attire, you have landed in the right place here at RDS Real Estate.


Applying makeup is always more productive and glamorous when you have the right lighting and plenty of customized area for all of your makeup and tools for your art. Choose a space at the spa and begin building clientele immediately. Massage therapists will be excited to learn that your space can be leased as little as a day, week or month if you are roving or mobile. Classy, retro, modern, children, men, exclusive wedding are all types of studios the hair styler can create. Call now.

Keller Texas ez spa access

Keller texas is a community that has ez access to the Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate. As a therapist for massage in grapevine, you can imagine how having a quick and posh space within a spa can really propel your business.  You can call for a tour and details on office space quotes so that you can put the spa on your list of potential fabulous places for rent.


When you realize what your potentials are by choosing this property for lease, you’ll be first in line for the next available studio at the Salon and Spa Galleria. Spectacular indeed is the provision for the hair styler by RDS Real Estate, call now for a tour.

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