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Space Lease options should be flexible | RDS Real Estate

Space lease options should be flexible

Space lease options should be flexible so that a business owner is free to grow or even downsize when the time comes. In order to do business so that there is growth and success, it is imperative to find the right space to rent. There is a commercial leasing broker called RDS Real Estate that specializes in helping small business to success.


This is no small feat and RDS Real Estate has purchased a portfolio of properties that have been hand selected, optimized and made ready for spaces for lease so that a tenant can customize and move in with little further to be concerned with. Compact retail like Stonebriar mall and Grapevine Mills is typical prime area for service and retail location like a spa. Bring your tanning business to a space lease by RDS Real Estate, called Salon and Spa Galleria.

Space rent should be affordable and optimal

Space rent should be affordable and optimal, for low stress, high client satisfaction and tenant best use. When you lease with RDS Real Estate, all of these features are already purposely and judiciously built in. Your business of tanning in grapevine when under the umbrella of RDS Real Estate is a recipe for success, call now.


Now duplicate that thought for estheticians who wax, with private studios at the Salon and Spa Galleria in sizes that make sense for the process of skin care and hair removal wax in grapevine. Find your space near the entrance to Grapevine mill mall inside a most luxurious spa space lease that you’ll love driving to each day of your career, tour now.

Combination space retail and service makes sense

Combination space retail and service makes sense to any owner of a beauty or wellness business. Salon and Spa at the entrance to Grapevine mall provides the opportunity for you to build your business as you see fit, with retail and even instruction classes if you choose. See all of the lease office space near Dallas in the portfolio of RDS Real Estate, with a tour.


Optimal and prime locations, with easy access, lots of parking and storage and customizable options are always included in the office space near dallas by RDS Real Estate. Make it a point to meet with the leasing agent, who is versed in all of the features of office space in fort worth that RDS offers and educated in finding the exact match of space lease to your business needs. Call RDS Real Estate.

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